Why is giving thanks to God for everything important?

Why is giving thanks to God for everything important?

Remembering God in All Moments:

It is a common habit for humans to remember God only in times of sorrow and forget Him in times of happiness. However, if someone remembers God even in times of happiness, they won’t have to face the challenges of sorrowful days. So, no matter how happy you are, giving thanks to God for everything is important. Now, let me share a story with you all on this same thought.

The Wealthy Man’s Generosity:

There was a very wealthy man, who was devout of God and also very kind-hearted. He could not see the suffering of the poor homeless beggars in his area.

So, one day he called his Manager’s Accounts and fixed a monthly donation system for the beggars and all the poor people in his area.

As a result, the poor and homeless people in the area were relieved from the daily act of extending their hands in front of people.

Some beggars used to receive 100 dollars every month. They would come on the 30th of every month to collect their donations.

But some beggars were very poor and had a large family. These beggars used to receive 500 dollars per month. They would also come on the 30th of every month to collect their money.

Complaining versus thanking:

On the 30th day of the month, the beggars arrived to collect their monthly donations.

This had been going on for years.

One day, the account manager of the rich person said, Brother, from now on we will give you only 100 dollars. So instead of 500 dollars, now you all will only get 100 dollars.

The beggars were very upset.

They said, “What do you mean, we have always received 500 dollars. And without receiving 500 dollars, we will not get out of here. Why do you give only 100 dollars?”

The manager said that the person who is gifting your donations, her daughter is getting married. There will be a lot of expenses for that wedding. And this is not an ordinary wedding. He has only one daughter, it is a million-dollar expense. Therefore, there is a slight inconvenience in the business right now. No one will receive more than 100 dollars.

The beggar knocked on the table and said, “What does that mean? Why have you done this to me? Am I Bill Gates or Alon Musk? Will your boss now marry his daughter by cutting my share of the money? If you have to spend money on your daughter’s wedding, then spend your own money.”

You see that he has been getting 500 dollars for many years. He’s got used to it now and considers it his birthright. Now he is considering the donation money as his own. He opposes cutting from it.

You consider what you have received in life as your own. You oppose it right away if there is even a small flaw in this

The beggar did not say thank you to the rich man, who gave him 500 dollars per month for several years. But when he cut it, he opposed it.

Teachings from the story:

There is no gratitude in your mind for life, but a great complaint for death. There is no gratitude for happiness, but a great complaint for sorrow. Whenever you have gone, it has been to complain about sorrow. Every time you call on the divine, there has been pain, suffering, or some kind of complaint.

Have you ever been to a temple to say thank you for bringing happiness into your life?

Giving thanks to God for all the good things in your life is very important. If you don’t, you may miss out on even more blessings. It’s like closing the door to receiving more good things.

Divine Mercy and Blessings:

God is Merciful.

God hears your Prayers, even if you are speechless.

Stay Calm, Know Your Strengths, and don’t take for granted the infinite blessing of Parents and God. May God Keep You and Bless You.

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