God is Merciful: Short Story to Make You Smile

God is Merciful: Short Story to Make You Smile

Once upon a time, there was a king who owned a beautiful orchard.

The orchard contained a variety of fruits. A farmer and his family maintained the king’s orchard. The farmer used to collect fresh fruit from the orchard daily and deliver it to the royal palace.

One day, the farmer noticed coconuts, guavas, apples, and grapes ripe on the trees.

He started thinking, which fruit should I offer to the king today?

Then he thought he should pick grapes because they had become sweet and juicy.

Therefore, he filled a basket with grapes and went to deliver them to the king.

When the farmer arrived at the palace, he saw that the king was lost in thought and seemed angry. He placed the basket of fresh grapes before the king, just like every day, and sat a few feet away.

Now, the king was picking grapes from his basket in his thoughts, aiming at the farmer’s forehead, and throwing them after counting and pulling one!

Whenever the king threw grapes on the farmer’s head or body, the farmer would say, “God is merciful!”

The king then threw grapes again, but harder!

The farmer said the same thing again, “God is very merciful.”

After a while, the king realized what he was doing and what response he was getting, so he composed himself and sat down.

He said to the farmer, “I am repeatedly throwing grapes at you and you are getting hit by these grapes, yet why do you keep saying that “God is merciful!”

The farmer spoke humbly, “My Lord King, please Stay Calm. Today there were Coconuts, Apple, and Guavas ready in the garden. But I felt in my heart today, why not bring grapes for you? I could have brought guavas or apples as well. But I brought grapes.

If instead of grapes, there were coconuts, apples, or big guavas, what would have happened to me today? That’s why I say, “God is very merciful!”

Summary of the story:

God hears your Prayers, even of speechless.

He is all-knowing.

He lightens our many difficulties and rescues us!

It is we who do not express gratitude and instead make God the culprit by not being thankful…!!

May God Keep You and Bless You

Well said by renowned English playwright, poet, and actor William Shakespeare

“Open thy gate of mercy, gracious God, My soul flies through these wounds to seek out thee.”

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