What are the Benefits of Helping Others

What are the Benefits of Helping Others?

There are many benefits of helping others. It isn’t just an act of kindness; it’s a profound way to improve your life. It can improve your mental and physical health, strengthen your social relationships, and help you grow as a person.

John Bunyan, 17th century United Kingdom Author had said:

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

Today, I have brought to you the story of Smith in this context.

Smith owned a successful business in San Diego, USA, and had a loving family.

One evening, he suddenly started feeling extreme unease and headache.

He consulted the doctor and went through all the necessary tests. But, the test reports showed nothing. Smith’s unease continued to grow, and the pain in his head didn’t seem to be going away.

He couldn’t understand what had suddenly happened to him.

He had even taken sleeping pills, yet sleep remained far from his eyes.

He woke up at three in the morning and started wandering in the nearby park.

The fresh air in the park made him feel a little better.

As he walked, thousands of thoughts were running through his mind.

Now he had come very far from home.

Finding some peace, he comfortably sat on a bench.

Suddenly, a dog came and took his slipper.

When Smith saw, he picked up the other slipper in hand and ran after the dog.

The dog entered a nearby slum.

Smith was also behind him.

But when the dog saw Smith approaching, he left the slipper there and ran away.

Smith took a deep breath and started wearing his slipper.

In the meantime, he heard someone crying.

He went closer and heard voices coming from a hut.

He glanced through the torn hole in the hut and saw an old woman sitting on a dirty sheet, leaning against the wall and crying.

And she was saying, “Oh God, you are merciful, please help me” and crying continuously.

Smith thought to himself, “I better get out of here so no one would misunderstand.

As he walked closer to the hut, a thought came to his mind as to why that woman was crying.

What was the woman’s problem?

Finally, he listened to his heart and went there and knocked on the door.

The woman opened the door and became nervous seeing Smith.

Smith folded his hands and said, “Don’t worry, I just wanted to know why you’re crying,”

The woman began to cry and pointed to a 7 to 8-year-old girl who was wrapped in a blanket in the corner of the hut.

She said that her daughter was very sick and that her treatment would be expensive. She manages her household by doing odd jobs here and there. How can she afford her treatment?

The man said, “Then ask someone for help.”

The woman replied, “I have asked everyone, but no one is willing to help. It’s a waste of time.”

The man said, “Will crying at night solve the problem?”

The woman replied, “Yesterday, a saint passed by here, so I told him about my problem.”

He said, “Whatever you want, ask for it from God. Wake up tomorrow at 4 am, sit on a mat, and cry for help. God will hear your Prayer, Even if Speechless too.”

“I had no other option but to ask God for help. So, I started crying loudly.”

When he heard all of this, his heart melted.

He immediately called for an ambulance and admitted the girl to the hospital.

When the doctor told him that, the treatment cost would be 1.5 lakh, then Smith took the responsibility upon himself and arranged her treatment.

He gave the woman a job and accommodation at his place. He also took the responsibility of her daughter’s education.

Smith was a certainly successful businessman, but he was an atheist.

Today, hundreds of questions were running in his mind. Because his restlessness and headache had disappeared at the same time when he called the ambulance for the little girl’s treatment.

He was wondering what power it was that brought me there.

Is that God?

God was the only one who saw his pain and guided him to this hut.

Now Smith understands the benefits of helping others. In addition to Karma, Service is very important because he has never felt such peace in his entire life!

Service to humanity and helping the poor is the true devotion of religion.

Bottom Line:

The benefits of helping others extend beyond the immediate impact on those in need. As Smith discovered, If you want to get God’s mercy, accept humanity and help the helpless or the hopeless from time to time because God lives among them.

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