How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: Beginners Guide

How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: Beginners Guide


What should you do to start a spiritual awakening journey? What would be your first step on your spiritual journey? If I have to give a straightforward and simple answer to this, it would be that you need to start your spiritual journey right here, right now, exactly where you are.

If you are thinking that right now you have many flaws within you. Spirituality has not come to you yet because your mind is not prepared for it. This is a delusion of your mindset that is stopping you. You do not have to listen to anyone.

No matter what kind of mindset you are in or what state your body is in, that’s where you need to start your spiritual journey. And let me be clear, you do not need to read any book or watch any video. I am not going to give you any such advice.

If you have lost the path to spiritual awakening at any stage in the middle of your journey, you can start it again today. Let’s get started, folks.

What Stops us to progress in Spiritual Journey?

The universe began with the Big Bang and you and I are created from the same laws of this universe. Therefore, there is a deep connection and harmony between us and the universe. The same is true as per the Anthropic Principle.

However, most of us are unable to understand the language or signs of the universe. The reason for this is that we live in a materialistic world where we are constantly chasing after something or the other. Whether it is money, name and fame, relationships, business, job, or anything else, we are always running after something. We just want that thing in our lives, in one way or another.

Because of this, our mindset is trapped, and it prevents us from understanding the universe and nature, and it also hinders our progress on the path of spirituality.

This delusion creates a mindset in us that the hustle and bustle of life is the true essence of existence. Earning money, becoming wealthy, and securing a better position in a top company, are the sole motives of our lives.

There is nothing wrong with growing in life or achieving success. It is important to understand that “growing in life” or achieving success is also a part of your spiritual journey.

You may wonder how something materialistic can be spiritual.

To put it another way, if you’re growing something within yourself, whether you are building a strong mindset or increasing Focus and Concentration, then it’s all spiritual. Whether it’s money, fame, or relationships, whatever we’re growing within ourselves, it’s spiritual.

The only problem is that if I am following money, power, and fame, then I am following them at an unconscious level.

The difference between Conscious and Unconscious follows:

Our mindset has three states:

Freud's Three level of Mindset
Freud’s Three level of Mindset
Credits: Verywell / Joshua Seong
      • conscious state,
      • subconscious state,
      • and unconscious state.

If I were to tell you to drive a car with your eyes closed, would you be able to do it?

You would say, “What a stupid question! Nobody can do that!”

But what if I tell you that you’ve done it hundreds of times?

Yes, where you’re conscious through your eyes, but subconsciously on some level, you are lost in another thought.

How many people will agree with me that, when you are driving on the way to your home and you are singing along, you don’t notice when you take a left turn or a right turn?

When you’re standing outside of your house, you don’t even know that you have reached home.

This is your unconscious state.

And this is how we live our lives.

If you are following Money, fame, or relationships, then you are unconsciously following them. Most of us are running our lives in a similar unconscious manner.

Whether you accept it or not, we remain unconscious throughout the day.

We all live an unconscious life:

Let’s say you’re sitting at home, eating your dinner, and there’s a great movie playing on the television. You’re eating and watching the movie at the same time. Now, when you are eating here, you are consciously aware of that movie.

Do you even know what you’re eating?

Are you able to taste or smell the food?

No, you don’t know. You are just eating.

Now you will agree with me. You must have done this thousands of times.

This is your unconscious state. You must change this from now on.

And you have to start your Spiritual Journey with this lesson right here.

Be conscious All the Time:

The more conscious you remain in this world, the more spiritually aware you will be.

The more aware you are of yourself, the better you will understand yourself.

And the more successful you will be in your life.

Do not misunderstand spirituality as chanting mantras like a monk.

Instead, spirituality is about knowing yourself.

Discover yourself, just like ‘Who am I’?

And when you consciously awaken and discover yourself, only then can you achieve success in life. And this awakening should come from within.

It’s not something that comes from being told what to do or not do.

If you were asked, why do you follow Money or fame?

You would probably say, “Because everyone else is doing it. That’s why you’re running this race.”

When you are spiritually awakened, you will understand from within why you are doing and what you are doing. If you have the answer to ‘Why’, you will progress in life with that mindset, and you will do everything with that mindset. And trust me, you will also achieve success.

Understand this with an example:

Imagine you are in a classroom and the teacher is teaching something, but your attention is outside the window, lost in your thoughts. Suddenly, the teacher gestures to you but you are still lost in a completely different world. That’s when your friend pokes you to make you aware.

Now ask yourself the same question:

“Are you being poked daily?”

If so, then you must be living in a state of delusion.

In other words, you are living an unconscious life.

And from now on, you need to start living a conscious life. You need to be aware all the time.

The first and foremost step to start a spiritual journey:

You must always be aware and mindful.

If you are aware, then you are also spiritually awake.

And if you have been living an ‘unconscious’ life until now, then become ‘consciously aware’ from this moment onwards.

Start being ‘Consciously aware’ of your current state of mind, body, and emotions, and your ‘Spiritual Journey’ begins.

If I say you are consciously aware as you read this blog, then you are on your spiritual journey.

And the more you practice this, the higher your vibration will become.

The more consciously aware you become, the more you will progress.

You won’t have to keep ‘Poking’ yourself.

For Example:

Let’s say you are in a room with a low-wattage bulb, which means you can’t see very well. Installing a high-wattage bulb in your room will improve your visibility.

Similarly, your goal is to increase your visibility.

The more visible you are with your eyes and mind, the more conscious you will become.

And your subconscious mind will automatically continue to be trained.

Then you will be spiritually awakened.

And this will lead you towards success in life.

I hope you liked this blog.

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