The Blessing of Honoring Our Parents: An Inspiring Story

The Blessing of Honoring Our Parents: An Inspiring Story


All religions agree that the blessing of honoring our parents is very powerful. While the blessings of God may take time to manifest something, the blessings of parents have an immediate impact. It also serves as a constant protector for us. It shields us from negative forces and always lends us a helping hand.

Today I am sharing an inspirational story, titled “The Blessing of Honoring Parents,” on the blog for you, my friends.

Story of Businessmen and his Father’s Blessings:

This is the true story of a businessman from Mariana, a city in Brazil.

When the time of death approached, the father called his only son, Pedro, and said, “Son, I don’t have any wealth to give you as inheritance. But I have worked with honesty and integrity throughout my life. So, I bless you that you will live a pleased life and even if you touch dust, it will turn into Gold.”

The son bowed down and touched his father’s feet. The father placed his hand on his head and gave his blessings before peacefully passing away.

Pedro had to manage the expenses of the house. He started his business on a small cart. Slowly, the business started growing. He bought a small shop. The business continued to grow.

Now, he started being recognized among the wealthy people in the town.

He believed that all of this was the result of his father’s blessings. Because, his father faced hardships in life but never lost patience, never lost faith, never lost authenticity, that’s why his words had strength. And his blessings bore fruit. And he became happy and wealthy.

This statement kept coming out of his mouth repeatedly.

One day, a friend asked, “If your father had so much strength, why didn’t he become successful? Why didn’t he become happy?”

Pedro replied, “I am not talking about my father’s physical strength. I am talking about the power of his blessings.”

In this way, he repeatedly talks about his father’s blessings, so people named him ‘Father’s Blessing!’

Pedro doesn’t feel bad about it, he says, “I want to prove myself worthy of my father’s blessings, that’s what I want.”

The Litmus Test of Blessing of Honoring His Parents:

Several years passed doing this. He started doing business abroad. Wherever he did business, he benefited greatly. Once it came to his mind that he only benefits from profit!! So, he would experience a loss once. So, he asked his friend, to tell him a business in which he incurred a loss.

The friend thought that he had become proud of his success and money. So he decided to suggest to Pedro a business in which he would certainly get a loss.

So, he told him to buy cloves in BRAZIL fill the ship, and sell them in ZANZIBAR, Tanzania, Africa. Pedro liked this idea.

The Blessing of Honoring Our Parents

Tanzania is a country known for cloves. Still, Tanzania is the world’s leading clove-producer country. Businessmen buy cloves from there and sell them in BRAZIL at 10-12 times the price. However, Pedro decided to change this pattern. To experience the loss firsthand, he bought cloves in Brazil, loaded them onto a ship, and traveled with them to Zanzibar. Let’s see how much his father’s blessings support him.

At that time Zanzibar was ruled by a Sultan. Pedro was walking with soldiers when he saw a person resembling the Sultan approaching.

The Blessing of Honoring Parents

He asked someone, “Who is this?”

They replied, “He is the Sultan of Zanzibar.”

Upon seeing Pedro, the Sultan inquired about his identity.

He replied, “I am a merchant from the city of Mariana, Brazil. And I have come here to do business.” The Sultan respected him as a merchant and began conversing with him.

Pedro noticed that the Sultan was accompanied by hundreds of soldiers, but they were not carrying any weapons such as swords or guns, only large sieves.

He was surprised and asked the Sultan politely, “Why are your soldiers carrying so many sieves?”

The Sultan chuckled and replied, “Well, this morning I went for a walk on the beach and lost a ring from my finger. I had no idea where it fell, so I brought these soldiers with me to sift through the sand and find it. They will search for my ring in the sand.”

Pedro said, “The ring must be very expensive.”

Sultan replied, “No! I have countless rings that are much more valuable than this. But that ring is a blessing from a Saint. I believe that my kingdom is so strong and prosperous because of the blessings of that Saint. Therefore, the value of that ring in my mind is even greater than my kingdom.

Saying this, Sultan asked again, “Tell me, merchant, what goods have you brought this time?”

Pedro exclaimed, “Cloves!

The Blessing of Honoring Parents

Surprised, Sultan said, “This is Zanzibzr, the land of cloves, my dear. And you here to sell cloves? Who gave you such advice? Surely, they must be your enemy. Here, you can get a handful of cloves for a penny. Who will buy cloves here? And what will you earn?”

Pedro said, “With my father’s blessings, I have always made a profit in the businesses I have done. So now I want to see if his blessings also bear profit here or not.”

The Sultan asked, “Blessings of your father? What does that mean?”

Pedro said, “My father has always worked with honesty and integrity throughout his life. However, he couldn’t earn wealth. At the time of his death, he had placed his hand on my head and blessed me, saying that even dust would turn into gold in his hands.”

While saying this, Pedro bent down and picked up a handful of sand from the ground, then opened his fist in front of Emperor Sultan, revealing the sand falling between his fingers. Both Pedro and Sultan were amazed.

In his hand, Pedro held a precious diamond ring.

It was the same ring that the Sultan had lost.

Upon seeing the ring, the Sultan became very pleased.

He exclaimed, “Wow, May God Keep You and Bless You for your miracles. You truly make your father’s blessings come true.”

Pedro replied, “Even the blessings of that Saint are made true by the same Almighty God.”

The Sultan was even happier and hugged Pedro, saying, “Ask for anything, my friend. Whatever you desire, I shall grant it to you.”

Pedro said, “May you live for 100 years and rule your people with kindness, so that they may remain happy. Other than that, I desire nothing.”

The Sultan was overjoyed and said, “I shall buy all your goods today and pay you the price you ask for.”

Teaching from the Story:

This story teaches us that, your parents are the most important people in your life. If we have The Blessing of Honoring our Parents, then no power in the world can defeat us. The service of our parents always yields positive results. Blessings are more valuable than any other wealth.

The mother who understands the child’s mind and the father who shapes the child’s future are the two great astrologers of the world.

Respect your elders and keep getting blessings and guidance from your elders, good fortune will follow. This is the greatest service to God and God hears their prayers.

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