Why is it important to Stay Calm: An Inspiring Story

Why is it important to Stay Calm: An Inspiring Story

Once upon a Time:

It was the summer season, and the king was seated on his throne. All the ministers, officials, and other scholars were seated on their respective chairs. The scholars were talking among themselves about the importance of staying calm in life.

Stay Calm

Suddenly, a jeweler enters the royal court and greets the king. He then reveals that he is a foreign diamond jeweler and wishes to seek permission to ask a puzzle to the scholars of his kingdom.

Once he was permitted to speak, he said, “I have two identical items, and I have presented them to the court of all the nearby kingdoms. They have all tried, but none of them have been able to distinguish the original from the duplicate. And now I am in your kingdom.”

The King was curious, so he asked, what are these Items?

He places both items on the table in front of the royal throne, within a plate.

At first glance, they both appeared to be the same, having the same size, shape, and color, and even reflected the light the same way.

So, the King said, “They look the same, don’t they?”

He said, “Yes, they look the same, but they’re different.”

One of the items is a very valuable diamond, while the other is glass. They both look the same, but no one can tell the difference. If someone succeeds in this task, I will accept defeat and the precious diamond will be added to the treasure of your kingdom. On the condition that no one can recognize them, you will pay me the equivalent of the diamond’s value. I’ve won many kingdoms this way.”

The King said, “I cannot distinguish the two, but let ministers and scholars of my kingdom have a try.”

The courtiers also said that they could not distinguish the two. They were all in a state of hesitation and confusion. It was obvious that they would have to give up a large amount of money.

The King had a lot of wealth, but he was worried about losing his prestige.

Nobody in the court could solve the puzzle, and it was obvious that they had to pay a lot of money.

A few moments later.

stay calm

A blind man approached the king, carrying a stick.

He said, “Take me to the king, I have heard all your conversations and know that no one can distinguish the two identical items.”

He reached the king with the help of an attendant and said, “I have been blind since birth, but I ask for an opportunity to try and solve this puzzle. If I succeed, well and good, but if I do not, it does not matter, for I am already in darkness!”

The king thoughtfully said, “Why not? What harm can it do?”

He allowed the blind man to touch the objects in front of him.

The blind man said, gently, “This is the real diamond; this is the glass.”

The jeweler who had conquered many kingdoms and triumphed over the best minds was astonished. He said, ‘You’re right, you’re right.”

He added, “I am glad you were true to your word. Here is the diamond and I am giving it to the treasury in your kingdom.”

The whole court rejoiced even the one who had come to challenge the court.

He was finally able to find someone who could see the difference between the two.

Everyone called him a hero, and they all wanted to find out how he had solved the puzzle.

The blind man said,

‘It’s pretty straightforward, my lord.

Both the items were kept in the sun and I touched and felt them.

The one that stayed cold was the diamond, and the one that went warm was the glass.’

Teachings from the Tale:

In life, the person who becomes agitated during an argument is like a glass. We must stay calm during difficult situations.

When the situation becomes difficult, if we stay calm and composed, we are stronger than a diamond. This is the power of patience.

Well said by famous British actor Sir Michael Caine:

“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”

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