How To Manifest Something In 5 Days: 5×55 Technique

How To Manifest Something In 5 Days: 5×55 Technique


Sometimes the universe wants us to be fully ready before it grants us what we desire. But in today’s world, everyone is in a hurry and wants everything quickly. Therefore, I have brought you today a technique that helps you to manifest something from the universe in just 5 days. This is the fastest Affirmation Manifestation technique in the ‘Law of Attraction‘.

It is said that when you truly desire something, the entire universe works to make it happen for you. If you have already been manifesting your dreams and wishes, then you must be familiar with the word ‘Law of Attraction’.

The Law of Attraction gained popularity when Rhonda Byrne’s book ‘The Secret’ turned into a movie called ‘The Secret‘ in 2006.

Similarly, an American film titled ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ (1962) and “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” (2004) were also based on the Law of Attraction technique.

Today, we will discuss how the 5×55 technique allows you to manifest your favorite things from the universe and how you attract your dreams and desires like they are real in just 5 days.

What is the 5X55 Technique and how does it Manifest something?

The first thing you need to know is that the 5×55 technique is a manifestation and affirmative technique. It is based on the Law of Attraction, which is the law that makes your dreams and wishes come true.

The science behind this technique is repetition and belief theory. When we repeat positive affirmations over and over again, it gradually forms a belief in our subconscious mind.

When you repeatedly send the vibrations of your desires to your subconscious mind, in this way, you tell the universe what you want through your subconscious mind in a definite message. And then, the universe transforms those desires and wishes into reality.

Let’s first understand Affirmation and Vibration.

What is Affirmation?

Before you learn 555 techniques, first understand what affirmations are. Affirmations are simple, positive, and definite statements that we say to ourselves. And we say them in a way that feels like we’ve already received it.


If you say, ‘I am a good student’. It is a simple and definite statement that you are making for yourself. Although this statement may sound quite simple to hear, it leaves a lasting impression on your subconscious and conscious minds.

Affirmations are a reminder to our subconscious mind to increase focus and concentration on our goals.

When we face challenges, it is important to build a strong mindset and look for solutions to move forward. The vibrations of these positive affirmation statements attract the results we want to see in our lives. And soon our dreams come true.

How does the Vibration work?

Vibration plays an important role in the Law of Attraction theory. Understand it in this way, when you come into contact with someone, you feel a certain vibration. If your vibration matches with that person’s vibration, you become good friends and if it doesn’t match, you feel uncomfortable.

The Law of Vibration states that every object in this universe vibrates at its own unique frequency. Objects vibrating at a specific frequency attract similar vibrations towards them.

New science discoveries made it possible to convert mind waves into audible speech.

The similar vibrations of our thoughts also attract their own similar vibrations. So, if we keep thinking positively, we will attract positive vibrations into our lives.

According to a recent study by psychologists at Queen’s University in Ontario, an average person has 6,200 thoughts per day.

Another study says that out of this 80% of thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive.

That’s why it is important to remove negative thoughts from minds and replace them with positive thinking. Because positive thoughts attract positive vibrations in your life.

How does the 5×55 Technique manifest something in your life?

Now that you have learned about Affirmation and Vibration, let us now discuss into the details of the 5×55 Technique.

5 = Number of Days

55 = How many times do we need to Manifest it?

You may be wondering why it is 5 and 55 specifically.

Number 5 represents the 5 fundamental elements of our nature, which together form our body. They are called ‘PanchMahabhuta’ in Sanskrit. These 5 elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Space.

According to numerology, 55 signifies personal power. It takes your inner vibrations to the next level so that they can blend with the vibrations of the universe and manifest your desires into reality.

Following are the 5 easy steps to Manifest in the 5×55 Technique:

Step 1) Be clear about what exactly you want:

You receive what you truly desire from the bottom of your heart. Therefore, it is essential to first be clear about what you really want. It is similar to being in a restaurant where a waiter comes to take your order. You only get what you order. You should have a clear understanding of what you want.


If you want to manifest a car from the universe, you need to have a clear understanding of the specific car you desire. Along with the car’s company, name, price, and color, you should also manifest details such as the type of seat cover you prefer, the interior modifications you would like, and the company you would like to have while traveling in the car, among other things.

Step 2) Transform your wishes or desires into affirmations:

We have understood in the beginning that Affirmations are small positive statements that we say to ourselves. Here you have to convert whatever you wish for into an affirmation. In other words, you have to convince yourself that whatever you are asking for from the universe has already been received by you.


Let’s imagine that you are a Medical aspirant and you are preparing for The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). In this case, you need to think about every aspect of the MCAT exam and everything related to it. You need to have the confidence that you have passed the MCAT exam and got admission to medical college.

Let’s say that you are studying at one of the top medical colleges. In such a scenario, the following words as an encouragement for students like you as an affirmation, “I have passed the MCAT and got admitted to medical college. Thanks.”

Few Important Tips:

      • Always remember that your Affirmation statement should be short and clear.
      • Additionally, you should also make it more effective by adding feelings of gratitude. This will help your wish come true quickly. A vibrational feeling of gratitude tells the universe that you are ready for new things and grateful for what you already have. It also expresses your positive intention, which is an essential part of affirmation.
      • Remember that whatever goal you want to achieve, you are doing it to progress in your life, without any hatred, anger, jealousy, or negativity towards others.
      • Generally, people tend to write more than one affirmation. This sends mixed signals to your subconscious mind and creates a lack of clarity. Working on one affirmation at a time informs the universe of your focus and brings clarity. Avoid working on multiple wishes simultaneously.
      • Start by focusing on one wish or desire, and once it starts manifesting, then move on to the next one.
      • The most effective way to manifest is by dividing a big goal into smaller goals and working on them.

Step 3) Choose a nice and peaceful place at your home.

In the third step, select a spot in your home where you can feel relaxed and peaceful. This will help to boost your positive vibrations and allow you to connect with your subconscious mind effectively.

Choose a specific time when you feel good and energized.

Some people feel energized in the morning, while others feel it in the evening or at night.

Just make sure that no one can disturb you during this time.

Step 4) Write down your Affirmation on a piece of paper:

You can choose any blue pen, black pen or red pen. And take a diary and write your ‘Affirmation’ 55 times in it.

It is not like that, you have to manually count it every day. You can decide ahead of time how many places your affirmation will take in the diary and where it will be written 55 times. You can also number it ahead of time.

And you have to do this exercise for the next 5 days.

Don’t forget to place this diary in a good place after 5 days. The attachment for this diary should be the same as you keep for your wishes. Once one of your wishes is fulfilled, you can also use this diary for another wish.

You will get the same result as your level of dedication. So, believe in your affirmation and let the universe make your dream come true. When you write, feel the affirmation as if it has already happened.

Visualize the day when you have been admitted to a top medical college and you are sharing your success with your family and friends. Feel the reactions of your loved ones as they complement you or feel the pride as you take your first step in medical college.

Few Important Tips:

      • Make sure to practice this continuously for the next five days at a fixed time.
      • Please don’t be in a hurry while writing. Feel every word and write it. Try to establish a personal connection with them. Believe in each word of this affirmation, because it will create a positive vibration within you.
      • You do not have to use a computer to write affirmations. Typing on a computer, you will not feel the same sense of connection to your words the way you do when writing with a pen on paper. It will only showcase your laziness and become an obstacle in the manifestation of your affirmations.
      • If you find it hard to focus on your affirmations at any point, stop, take a few minutes to relax and focus your mind, then start again.
      • Just remember one thing, once you start this technique, you have to continue for 5 days in a row without a single day off. And if for any reason you face a distraction in between, restart it and continue for another 5 days.

Step 5) Trust in the power of the universe and keep going:

The most important part of the 5X55 Manifestation technique is believing. Once you have completed this manifestation for 5 days, you will feel very attached to your wish. You may find yourself constantly thinking about that wish, eager for it to manifest in your life. But you don’t have to do that all the time. You need to believe in the process you have started and trust that it will surely come true.

Always stay happy, and positive, remain fully focused, and work hard to achieve your goals. Sitting on the couch is not going to build your body. Fitness comes from moving and exercising on your body.

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