God Hears Your Prayers: Even of Speechless

God Hears Your Prayers: Even of Speechless

Moses is the most important figure for Jews and also one of the important prophets in the history of Christianity and Islam. He is remembered for freeing the people of Israel and for giving them the Torah and the 10 Commandments. But an interesting encounter he has on a mountain reveals the nature of true worship, the relationship between God and man, and how God hears our prayers.

Once, Moses was passing by a mountain.

God Hears Your Prayers

He saw a non-Jewish shepherd sitting in a posture of prayer.

Moses became curious about what this Illiterate shepherd might be saying in his prayer.

When he approached the shepherd, he smelled a foul odor coming from his body.

Moses held his nose, and suddenly he felt that some worms started crawling on his feet.

When he bent down to remove them, he noticed that these worms were coming out of the countless wounds on the shepherd’s body.

Moses was astonished, but he knew that as a prophet it was his responsibility to lead people in the right direction and to teach them the right way. So, he stayed and listened to the shepherd’s prayer.

The shepherd said to God, “Call me close to you or come to me. I will serve you in such a way that You will be pleased. I will massage Your feet, bath You, clean Your wounds, remove lice from Your hair, just call me once.”

He continued with such words in his prayer and Moses became more and more angry.

When he couldn’t tolerate it, he burst out, “Idiot man! Are you speaking to God or Satan?”

The poor shepherd, frightened by Moses’ appearance, trembled and asked in a trembling voice, “Did I tell something wrong to God?”

Moses responded with frustration, “You think God is like you, telling Him that you will remove lice from His hair, bathe Him, clean His dirt, massage His feet, and heal His wounds! You are an idiot!  God does not need these things that you are saying to Him. You must seek forgiveness from the Almighty immediately!”

The frightened shepherd said in a trembling voice, “I only know God the way I know myself,” and he added, “If I was praying wrong, and you are God’s Prophet, teach me the right way to pray! I will do the same in the future.”

Moses taught him selected prayers from the Torah. When the shepherd repeated them, he made numerous mistakes. Moses taught him these prayers over and over again until he was sure the shepherd understood.

Then, with a sense of triumph, he said May God Keep You and Bless You. And left the place, thinking that today he had taught a misguided person how to pray correctly for Spiritual Awakening.

When the shepherd sat down to pray in the manner Moses had instructed, he found himself emotionless, and words were coming out of his mouth like a recorded cassette.

What used to be a prayer straight from the shepherd’s heart was now just words from his lips. Despite his efforts, he was unable to connect with God through this new prayer.

While Moses was walking with a victorious attitude, he heard the voice of God.

God said to him, “Moses! Today you have done something that I strongly dislike.”

God Hears Your Prayers

Moses asked, “What, my Lord?”

God replied, “You have distanced one of my beloved ones from me, who used to worship me wholeheartedly, considering Me like himself. I sent you to connect people with Me, but you started disconnecting them.”

Moses was confused, but said, “I taught him prayers according to the commandments You gave me so that he would obey the rules of your book and please you. How can you be angry with me?”

God said, “There are millions of people in the world who recite the prayers written in the Torah word by word. But among those who worship me from the heart, you have been chosen. I did not like what you did. Now go and apologize to him and tell him that there is no need to change the way he used to pray before.”

Moses asked, “So it means, God Hears our Prayers, not the words Lord?”

God replied, “Yes Moses, don’t stick to words. I listen to those who are speechless, I listen to those who are mute, I listen to those who can not say anything.”

Moses returned, apologized to the shepherd, and understood that within every human being, God has given the ability to reach out to their divine power as per their consciousness, understanding, and awareness. There is no need for any artificial means or the necessity to learn it from anyone else. God hears the prayers of the speechless first.

Moral Of the Story:

God revealed in a very deep way that true worship is more than just a series of words or verbal chanting. True worship is about sincerity and a connection that transcends words.

Most importantly God hears your prayers, whether you are dumb, deaf, mute, or in whatever language you speak.

Crux of the Story:

We should not force anyone to change their way of worship. Each of us has a unique and special relationship with our God and has a right to worship in our own way.

The biggest reason for violence in the world is now religious expansionism.

Only The principle of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The whole world is a family) can save the world. It is based on the Concept of Live and Let Live.

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