What are the Strategies to Motivate Students

What are the Strategies to Motivate Students


Today, we will discuss the 4 proven strategies that were shared by India’s former president and renowned scientist, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He believed that all students and individuals should use these strategies to motivate themselves. If you implement these strategies into your life and sincerely follow them, there is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve.

4 Proven Strategies to Motivate Students for Sucess:

So, let’s dive into these 4 strategies and increase focus and concentration to succeed in life.

Strategy 1) Always remind yourself that your goal is very big:

In the year 1958, Dr. Kalam’s ambition was to be a pilot. He successfully passed all the exams required to become a pilot. However, there were only 8 seats available for selection and Dr. Kalam was in the 9th position. In this situation, his selection as a pilot could only happen if one of the top 8 candidates changed their mind or failed the medical test.

Wings of Fire: Strategies to Motivate Students
Wings of Fire: An Autobiography
Credits: Goodreads

Finally, Dr. Kalam did not pass the exam and was disqualified from the selection process due to only one rank. He wrote in his biography ‘Wings of Fire’, “I was very disappointed that I could not become a pilot but no disappointment can defeat me.”

He had decided that even though he couldn’t fly an airplane as a pilot, he would definitely build an airplane, missile, or rocket as an engineer or scientist.

While no one knows what would have happened if Dr. Kalam had become a pilot. However, he created rockets and missiles and earned such a reputation in the world that he is known as the ‘Missile Man of India‘. He couldn’t become a pilot in the Indian Airforce, but he became the President of India, who is the supreme commander-in-chief of all three armed forces – Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Here Dr. Kalam as a teacher shares encouraging words for students,

“You should have a great Aim and keep it in mind as a constant reminder.”

Students need to use these strategies to motivate themselves.

Strategy 2) Remind yourself that you will continuously acquire knowledge:

Dr. Kalam was a scientist and an engineer who led many missions and achieved great success. He was honored with prestigious civilian awards such as the Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, and Bharat Ratna. He also served as the 11th President of India.

Strategies to Motivate Students

But despite all his successes, he always considered himself a teacher.

He revealed, “I feel the happiest when one of my students gets their P.H.D.”.

It means, Dr. Kalam believed that acquiring knowledge is the most important part. And the best time to acquire knowledge or education is during a student’s life.

The most important factor in the success of a person is his knowledge and education. He used to say that the main focus and priority of a student should be to gain knowledge and education.

Students should not think about anything else besides education.

Further, Dr. Kalam says, “If you want to do something other than studies then, You can choose to serve the elderly in old age homes during weekends, bring happiness to them, show empathy towards the poor outside the hospitals, or give food to the needy people. You can also teach others in your spare time.”

Dr. Kalam added,

“Acquiring knowledge and excelling in education should be your top priority, and always remind yourself that no matter what happens, you will not stop learning.”

Strategy 3) Make a promise to yourself that you will work hard:

In the year 1973, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Chairman Satish Dhawan told Dr. Kalam, “We need to build a satellite launch vehicle”.

Dr. Kalam wholeheartedly accepted this responsibility, he was the director of the project and the mission. This meant that there were about 1000 engineers and 4000 other workers working under him. Besides them, there were also many other people indirectly associated with this mission.

What are the Strategies to Motivate Students

The satellite launcher test was scheduled for the 17th of August, 1979.

The entire control was transferred to the computer just 8 minutes before the launch. At that time, there was a warning that there was an issue with the rocket’s launcher. The problem was diagnosed 4 minutes before the launch and there were some leaks in the rocket.

The experts in their team believed that despite the leaks, there was sufficient oxidizer in the rocket to proceed with the launch. As the mission leader, Dr. Kalam decided to launch the rocket anyway.

Unfortunately, shortly after the launch, the rocket deviated from its path and crashed into the Bay of Bengal instead of reaching Earth’s orbit.

Thousands of people worked hard for 6 years, and millions of dollars from the people of this country were thrown away.

Dr. Kalam said on this incident, ‘Always remind yourself that you will continue to work hard. By remembering this principle, he worked hard for the next year and successfully established the satellite in Earth’s orbit, proving that with hard work, you can turn failure into success.

To motivate themselves, students must follow these strategies and always work hard.

Dr. Kalam emphasizes these powerful words to encourage students and remind them not to be afraid of failure.

Strategy 4) Say repeatedly, I will persevere and succeed:

The meaning of perseverance is to keep working continuously. No matter what challenges you face, you have to keep moving forward constantly. You must stay firm on your words and principles. No one can take away your courage and your enthusiasm.

4 Proven Strategies to Motivate Students
Credits: indianexpress.com

Many of us have a dream in our eyes and want to do something in life.

They begin to work on their dream but after a while, their strength weakens. In such cases, you need to build a strong mindset to overcome challenges in life.

Dr. Kalam advises, “Do not give up your determination until you reach your goal. And your goal is your uniqueness. Being the most unique in your identity. And challenges are a part of the process of growing your uniqueness.”

If you stop fearing your challenges, remove the negativity within you, and start thinking about solutions, you will find that you have won half the battle. Use more of your brain on this solution and transform yourself.

And at last, Dr. Kalam gives the message to motivate students:

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.”

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