Why Is It Important to Know Your Strengths?

Why Is It Important to Know Your Strengths?


Learning how to know your strengths and use them to your advantage can make all the difference in your success. When you know your strengths, you feel more empowered and capable, and you naturally work harder to reach your long-term goals. This phenomenon is an inherent Law of Nature.

In this post, I’ll show you how Israeli and Japanese people identified their strengths and used them to create a life full of meaning, passion, and strength.

When Israel recognizes its strength:

Famous writer from Florida, Missouri Mark Twain wrote an article at the end of the 18th century in a magazine called “Harpers”, in which his words were:

“Although I am not a king and I am not objecting to anything; but if the world’s most intelligent minds were to be in an independent nation, I think it would be perfectly reasonable to put an end to it. It would not be right for this breed to know its strength, if horses were to know about their strength, we would not be able to ride them.”

If the Jewish nation had been formed, not only would the rest of the Christian countries have been distant, but even England, the one who was hesitant to create it. The whole world was worried about what would happen if all the Jews came together as a nation.

Know Your Strengths

When the Jews came together in the 20th century, their global Christian hatred ended before their courage. The Vatican also became humble, and the staging of those dramas in which Jews were portrayed as the murderers of Jesus also stopped.

David Ben Gurion‘s leadership demonstrated the power of a nation standing united with collective strength and determination.

The 6-day war between Arabs and Israel taught the world that when a nation knows its strengths and fights together for its country, the world recognizes it as a war in which Israel alone defeated 8 Arab countries.

The pride of communities should be such that they are aware of their strength so that no one can ride over them, just like the Jews.

When Japan recognizes its strength:

The Meiji Restoration:

The Meiji Restoration was an event that took place in Japan during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which completely changed its position globally. It was a time of rapid economic growth, industrialization, and military modernization. The Meiji Restoration restored the power of the emperor in a symbolic sense and created a sense of patriotism.

Know Your Strengths

Meiji Restoration offers an interesting comparison to Mark Twain’s thoughts on the potential impact of a community, which knows its strengths.

At the beginning of the Meiji era, Japan faced significant challenges. It aimed to break free from isolation and establish itself as a strong player on the world stage. The Meiji Restoration leaders recognized the need for unity and strength to resist external pressure and strengthen their position among the major powers of the world.

The slogan of Rich Nation, Strong Army:

Japan rapidly industrialized, adopted Western technology and institutions, and modernized its governance system under the slogan “fukoku kyohei” meaning “Rich nation, strong army.” The nation united around a vision of growth and modernization and used its collective power to make a name for itself on the world stage.

Know Your Strengths

This unity and determination helped them win wars against the Chinese and Russians, giving them more power and making them a major player in the region. It was amazing how quickly Japan transformed from a feudal country to an industrialized one, and it changed the way the world saw things.

Bottom Line:

Collective strength and determination can shape a nation’s identity and global position. Israel and Japan are two examples of a community that knows its strengths and is determined to make a difference in the world. You must have understood why is It Important to Know Your Strengths.

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