May God Keep You and Bless You: A Motivational Story

May God Keep You and Bless You: A Motivational Story

A beggar used to go to a door every day.

And when he asked for alms, the owner of that house would come out and abuse him with foul language and taunts, saying, “Why don’t you work?

Will you beg for your whole life?

May God Keep You and Bless You

Sometimes, in anger, he would even push him away, but the beggar, despite all the difficulties, would say, “May God Keep You and Bless You.”

One day, Rich Man was in a bad mood, probably because he had lost a lot of money in business.

At that very moment, a beggar came to ask for alms.

The Rich Man didn’t even look at him and immediately threw a stone at him.

The beggar’s head started bleeding, yet he still said to Rich Man, “May God Keep You and Bless You,” and started walking away.

Rich Man’s anger subsided a little, and he started thinking, “I hit him with a stone, but he only gave me a prayer. I will have to find out the secret behind this,” he began following the beggar.

Wherever the beggar went, the rich man followed him.

Someone gave the beggar alms, someone would beat him, insult him, and curse him. But the beggar would only say, “God Hears Your Prayers“. May God Keep You and Bless You.”

Darkness had fallen now.

The beggar was returning home.

The rich man was also behind him.

As soon as the beggar returned home, there was a broken cot and an old woman was sleeping on it, who was the beggar’s wife.

May God Keep You and Bless You

Seeing her husband, the old woman stood up and started looking at the begging bowl.

In that begging bowl, there was only half a stale tortilla.

The first thing she asked was, “Just this much and nothing else, and how did your head get injured?”

The beggar said, “Yes, that’s all I got today. They all cursed me and threw stones at me, that’s why my head is injured.”

The beggar then said, “It’s the result of our sins, remember?

A few years ago, we were so rich. We had everything, Wealth, Peace, Love, and Happiness at that time.

but we never gave any charity.

Do you remember that blind beggar?

Tears welled up in the old woman’s eyes and she said, “Yes.”

The beggar humbly whispered to himself in a low voice, “Do you remember how we used to mock that blind beggar, how we would replace his tortilla with empty papers, how we would humiliate him, and sometimes even beat or push him?”

May God Keep You and Bless You

Now the old lady said, “Yes, I remember everything, how I also didn’t show him the way and pushed him into the drains of the house, whenever he asked for tortilla there, I just cursed him. Once, I even threw his bowl away.”

And that blind beggar always used to say, God will take account of your sins, not me.

Today, the curse of that beggar has drowned us.

Furthermore, the beggar said, “But I do not curse anyone. No matter how much injustice I face, prayers always remain on my lips. I no longer wish for anyone else to experience such terrible days. I also pray for those who commit injustice against me because they are unaware of the sins they are committing, which God Himself witnesses. Just as we suffer, may no one else suffer. Therefore, only prayers come out of my heart when I see my condition.”

Rich Man was silently listening to everything, now he understood the whole matter. The old couple shared a tortilla and went to sleep, praising the glory of the Lord.

The next day, the beggar went to the rich man again to ask for alms.

The rich man had already kept some tortillas aside and gave it to the beggar with a gentle smile, saying, “I apologize, my friend, I made a mistake.”

The beggar replied, “May God Keep You and Bless You.”

And then he left from there.

The Rich Man had come to understand one thing: that humans only pray and curse, but it is the divine power that works according to the deeds.

Teaching from the story:

Do good if you can, what difference does it make if the world doesn’t see it?

May God Keep You and Bless You.

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