8 Signs that indicate God is with you

8 Signs that indicate God is with you


American Pastor and Author RICK WARREN said:

God is with you all the time; no place is any closer to God than the place where you are right now.

God has a wonderful plan for each of us, but we don’t know what it is, we can’t see it coming, and we don’t understand what it’s all about. That’s why we often find ourselves crying because we don’t understand. If we knew what God’s plan was for us, even while we’re going through this crisis, we’d probably be smiling. You might have also wondered at some point whether God is with you or not.

Today, we will discuss about 8 signs that prove God is with you. These signs will show you how close you are to God and how much He loves you.

8 signs that indicate God is with you

1) No matter what you do, you will fail:

The first time you read this, it might seem strange to you, but this is the truth. You will give your 100% in everything, and work hard, but you will not achieve success. And this will happen repeatedly until you open your eyes.

2) You will lose your self-esteem:

Another sign is that the confidence you have in yourself will disappear. The truth is that when God is with you, He makes you feel completely alone. You lose your self-esteem and don’t know what to do. You feel like you’re alone in the world and there’s no one to help you. You will feel yourself in a situation where no one can help you. You won’t be able to share your troubles with anyone else. Even if you tell them what challenges in life you are currently facing, people won’t pay attention to what you say.

3) You will experience extreme sadness in your life:

You will wonder what else can be worse than this. Then you will feel the peak of sadness. You must have seen the lives of great saints. Everyone was surrounded by the biggest sorrows in their lives. Then came the detachment within them, and they developed a thirst to know God beyond worldly pleasures.

In reality, people are broken by these sorrows, but it’s through these pains that they grow in their love for God. They learn that there’s no such thing as luck in this world. There’s something more out there than this world, and it’s God.

God teaches us to lose first because a person can understand the importance of victory only after experiencing defeat.

4) When all hopes are shattered, a search will begin within:

During this 4th sign, you focus on your weaknesses. You begin a search within yourself, where you will examine yourself. You will make an effort to understand your faults. You will try to find the cause of your failures. During this time, you will also question yourself. This is the moment when you naturally connect with your inner self. And a new change comes into your life.

5) Your character starts changing:

When you start connecting with yourself, you begin to understand yourself and your flaws. This way, you start changing and refining yourself. You become more calm, stable, and observant of things than before.

When we take steps on the path of God, changes come within us first. So that you can embrace the virtues that God has taught us. Because if you don’t understand God’s virtues, you cannot understand God and His love. That’s why God brings changes in your character.

6) Victory or Defeat will mean nothing to you:

This will be the time when you will have undergone significant changes within yourself. Not only your perspective towards life but also towards victory and defeat will have transformed. The events of the world around you will have little impact on you. You will start seeing everything in the external world as a game. There will be happiness in your heart and nothing will hold any significance for you.

7) When you start feeling that you are very close to God, that’s when you will experience the biggest shock:

This is the ultimate test of your faith in God. Your faith, your intelligence, and everything in your life will be put to the test. Whatever you have learned so far on your spiritual journey will become insignificant. Difficulties and sorrows will come into your life and you will lose faith in God. You will start to doubt God’s existence.

This is the time you must follow your virtues with the greatest patience and discipline. If you do not deviate from your path at this moment, God manifests himself in some form or another

8) You will wake up with a new faith and believe in God:

Expressing this feeling in words is quite difficult. In such a state, there won’t be a shred of doubt in your mind about reasons to believe in God. You’ll feel God’s presence every second of every day. This is the eighth blessing God has given you. You will feel peace like you’ve never felt before.

Now, take a look at how many of the 8 signs of God’s presence you have received.

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