What is the Secret of Spiritual Awakening?

What is the Secret of Spiritual Awakening?


This story has a powerful message for us. We go to spiritual meetings, but our minds are full of day-to-day worries. True spiritual awakening happens when we get rid of our lies, our ego, arrogance, and the things that we hold onto.

In today’s blog, we will learn the secret of spiritual awakening from this little story.

The Parrot’s Lesson

The wealthy couple had a parrot that could talk.

He also learned a lot about religious practices by watching them engage in meditation and prayers. They kept the parrot in a cage.

One day, the parrot asked, “Sir, where do you go every day?”

The man replied, “We attend spiritual meetings to learn spiritual teachings.”

Then the parrot said, “God hears the prayers of the speechless, may you ask the Saint when will I have a spiritual awakening?

After the gathering, the couple asked the saint the parrot’s question.

Upon hearing it, the saint fainted.

The couple got scared and walked away in silence.

When they returned home, the parrot asked what the saint had said.

The man replied, “Your destiny is unfortunate because when the saint heard your question, he fainted.”

The parrot replied, “Ok, I understood.”

The next morning, the couple was getting ready to attend the spiritual meeting.

Suddenly, the parrot purposely fell unconscious in its cage.

The couple thought the parrot was dead, so they got it out of its cage and looked it over.

And to their surprise, the parrot flew away.

The Liberation of the Parrot:

When they attended the gathering, the saint asked, “You were inquiring about the parrot yesterday. Where is it now?”

The man replied, “Yes. This morning, I saw it fall unconscious in its cage, and I thought it had died.

So, when I let it out of the cage, it suddenly flew away.”

The saint then said, “Look, you have been attending spiritual Awakening sessions for a long time, but you are still trapped in the cage of worldly desires. This parrot, without attending any gathering, understood my message and achieved freedom.”

The Secret of Spiritual Awakening:

We all go to spiritual gatherings and talk about spiritual matters there, but our minds are often filled with worldly matters.

We choose to listen to teachings that serve our self-interest.

A true spiritual awakening is to accept the truth and give importance to all aspects of life while getting rid of the lies, arrogance, and ego.

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