Does God Exist Debate Between Father and Son

Does God Exist Debate Between Father and Son

Ramesh Chardra Das was a devoted follower of Lord Shri Krishna and ran a medicine shop.

A small picture of Lord Shri Krishna was placed in one corner of his shop.

Every day, after opening the shop and cleaning it, he washed his hands and cleaned the picture of Lord Krishna with great care and showed it off with incense and offerings.

His son Rakesh also used to sit in his shop after finishing his studies. Rakesh used to observe his father’s rituals. Being a modern and well-educated youth, he would try to tell his father that God is just a figment of his imagination.

Every day, does God exist debate between the father and son continues in the same manner.

One day, the son approached his father and asked, “Can you tell me something from your religious books that science discovered only a few years ago?”

The smiling father said: “The study of the Earth’s surface and physical quality is called “भूगोल” or “Bhugol” (Geography) in our religious books. It is clear from the name itself that our saints and sages already knew that the Earth is round. We have been worshiping the nine planets since ancient times and believe that these nine planets revolve around the orbit of the Sun.”

The son blushes and says, “Father, sometimes even a stray bullet hits the target.”

The father spoke again with a smile on his face: “My dear, Until the end of the 16th century, the world considered the secret knowledge of our religious scriptures as superstition or myth. However, when 17th-century Italian astronomer and physicist Galileo discovered that the Earth revolved around the sun, he was persecuted.”

This time, the son firmly stated his opinion: “According to your scriptures, it is also said that the sun revolves around the universe on its chariot, while science has proven that the sun is stationary and it is the Earth that revolves around the sun.”

In this way, the son gives new examples of science every day to prove that God does not exist!

The father looks at him with affectionate eyes and smiles.

He did not want to argue about this subject anymore.

He was aware that his son would understand with time and one day God does exist or not debate would come to an end.

Time passed and the father grew old.

Perhaps he knew that his end was near.

Therefore, one day he said to his son: “My dear Son, when you were in high school, you said that our religious texts say that the Sun revolves around the universe on its chariot. At that time, I couldn’t give you an answer. But now, 20 years later, science has become capable of knowing that the Sun continuously revolves around the universe.”

Recent scientific research by NASA has proven that the Sun’s orbit is roughly circular. It takes approximately 230 million years for the Sun to complete its orbit. The Sun’s speed is about 8,28,000 kilometers per hour.

The boy, with both hands, joined in a gesture of respect and bowed down humbly before the Scientific Reasons to Believe in God and Religious scriptures.

Today, the son also wanted to conclude the debate on does God exists or not.

Father said, “Son, whether you believe in God or not, it is enough for me that you are a hardworking, compassionate, and honest person. But will you listen to me?”

The son said, “Please tell me, father, I will listen.”

The father said, “After I am gone, son, you have to clean this picture of Lord Krishna in the shop every day, and if you ever find yourself in trouble, fold your hands and tell Lord Krishna about your problem. And believe me, God Hears Your Prayers: Even of Speechless“.

The son put his father’s hands between his palms and gave his consent.

Today he was thinking about how stupid he was.

A few days later, his father passed away.

Time kept passing…

One day, there was heavy rain pouring down.

Rakesh sat in the shop all day and there were very few customers.

On top of that, the electricity was causing a lot of trouble.

Suddenly, a boy came running in the rain and said, “Brother, I need this medicine. My mother is very sick. The doctor told me that if I gave 4 spoons of this medicine right away, only then my mother will be saved. Do you have this medicine?”

Rakesh immediately said, “Yes, I have it.”

The boy was very happy.

After completing the transaction, he took the medicine and left.

But what is this!!!

Rakesh looked at the counter after the boy left and felt a sudden surge of heat and discomfort.

Because just a while ago, a customer had returned a bottle of a mouse-killing drug.

Due to the power outage, Rakesh left the bottle on the counter.

Rakesh thought that when the lights came back up, he would put the bottle back on the counter.

But the boy who had come to buy the drug took the mouse-killing drug bottle instead of his prescribed medicine. The boy was not even an educated person!

Rakesh exclaimed unexpectedly, “Oh my God! This has become a disaster!”

Does God Exist Debate

Then he recalled his father’s words and immediately folded his hands in front of Lord Krishna’s picture and started praying with a sad heart, “Oh God!”

“My father always told me that you exist!”

“If you really exist, please save me from this tragedy today! Don’t let a mother drink poison given to her by her own son, Lord, please don’t let it happen!”

“Brother!” Suddenly a voice came from behind.

“Due to the muddy ground, I slipped and the medicine bottle also broke! Please give me another bottle.”

Tears came to Rakesh’s eyes as he looked at the beautiful picture of Shri Krishna.

Today, he came to believe that someone is there who controls the universe. Some people call him God, while others call him Ishwar or the Supreme Being.

God does exist or not debate ended with tearful eyes and a folded hand in front of the charming picture of Shri Krishna.

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