7 Signs of confirmation of selection from God

7 Signs of confirmation of selection from God


Today, I am here to share with you some signs of confirmation from God that make you unique. These signs tell you how close to God you are. They also reveal that your previous spiritual journey has been remarkable and that you have done something extraordinary, which has resulted in numerous divine powers aligning with you.

Did you know that in ancient Egypt, there was a belief that some children were born with extraordinary abilities? These children were different from ordinary people. When they grew up, they were given education in mystery schools. They were prepared very meticulously so that they would remember who they truly were and why they had come here.

These children would learn about science and mystical teachings. They would learn that this world was an illusion or a deception and they came to this physical world from the spiritual realm only to gain knowledge and experience.

These Children had some divine power and they only used those powers for the betterment of the world.

The question here is, are there no such people today?

If there are, who are they? What is their identity? And how can we find them?

Let us today explore the 7 signs of confirmation of selection from God.

7 signs of confirmation from God:

1) Having a unique perspective:

First of all, it is important to understand that these chosen individuals are not different from ordinary people. They are one of us, and they know the truth about life. The only difference is that they don’t get trapped in a world of materialistic illusions or lies. They stand out from the crowd because of their knowledge. Their perspective of seeing things is completely different.

Therefore, it can be said that the biggest indication of someone being chosen is that they come with a different perspective in this world. It is also a gift from God, the third eye, through which they can easily see and understand things that ordinary people cannot see. Their understanding is clear and deep. That is why they appear different from others.

2) The interest in worldly life keeps fading:

One sign of confirmation of selection from God is that such individuals are not interested in worldly life. This happens because they understand that there is much more beyond this ordinary worldly life that they still need to comprehend and explore.

They are aware that they have come from somewhere else and they have to go somewhere else. Due to the memories of past lives, they remember that they have already played this game of the world before. Therefore, they have no interest in the fleeting pleasures of this world.

3) Memories of past lives will begin to arise:

The unique characteristic of these people is that they start recalling glimpses of their previous lives. In doing so, they understand that the body is mortal while the soul is immortal and constantly evolving. This is why you can see glimpses of your past lives. You have been born multiple times and have also let go of the body.

When you comprehend this truth, my friends, you automatically begin to distance yourself from the illusions of this material world. You desire to free yourself from it. You wish to encounter an enlightened individual who can guide you on the path to liberation. This search guides you to the spiritual awakening.

4) Popping many questions in your mind:

The next sign is that many questions arise in your mind. An ordinary person usually follows the established rules of the world. They don’t question, but when your awareness begins, you start asking questions. You question every action, tradition, rule. Why is it so?

While the world continues to follow these established rules, you prefer to listen to your heart or inner self. Slowly, you start to understand that the answers to all your questions lie within you. This is the way god communicates with us.

You understand that, you are a part of the divine energy that created this universe. God is within you, and if you can understand all this, know that God has chosen you.

5) Compassion and kindness for every living being:

Developing this sense of God’s presence within you is what awakens the next sign which we call “having a sense of compassion and mercy towards every living being.” You will experience compassion, mercy, and kindness for every living creature in the world. Because you know that God lives within every living being, so no living creature is different from you. Therefore, you will think 100 times before hurting someone. When you come to know this truth, you begin to love every living creature.

6) Developing a sense of freedom:

Living in freedom is our inherent right. But, no one can truly remain free. We are slaves to our desires and attachments. We spend our lives trying to maintain a good image in society. But if God chooses you, you will start to detach from this world. You will no longer give importance to any desires, attachments, or cravings. Instead, you will dedicate your life to social welfare without being influenced by these desires.

7) Having complete faith in God’s existence:

You understand that the law of the lord never does anything wrong with anyone. Happiness and sorrow are due to the cause and effects of this universe, which is called the law of karma. Then you leave yourself in the hands of that almighty God. And you surrender yourself to him. In your heart, an unwavering faith in God is born, and by doing so, your spiritual progress also begins rapidly.

“God is everywhere. He is the only refuge, the one true friend; he is the beginning, the staying, and the end of creation; he is immortality and he is death; he is what is and what is not.” : Bhagavad Gita, Chapter-13, Verse-14

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