How to Recognize Signs from the Universe

How to Recognize Signs from the Universe


All of us are as conscious and aware as this universe is full of consciousness and awareness. When the universe was created billions of years ago by the Big Bang, we too were created according to its principles. Although we may not always understand the signs from the universe and nature, our actions and thoughts affect this universe.

Similarly, whatever happens in nature also affects us in some way. This is why it is believed that this universe runs in harmony with different elements, of which we are a part. Therefore, many times, the universe sends us signs to tell us, awaken us, or lead us to events in our lives. However, due to our ignorance, we fail to understand its message.

The universe has always been trying to talk to you. Today, we will understand signs from the universe used to communicate or explain something to us. Let’s follow these 7 signs and understand the language of the universe.

The universe sends the Following 7 signs

1) You get Signs through people:

The universe often sends messages through people, like unexpectedly meeting a stranger or receiving a random phone call or message. It helps us to get through these situations.

This often happens when we are stuck in a problem and looking for a way out. And when we can’t see any way out of it, a stranger comes into our life and while talking, says something unknowingly that helps us find a solution to our problem.

You may have also experienced unbearable pain from a loved one or a stranger in your life. Initially, you won’t understand why this is happening to you.

But as time passes, you realize that the person’s presence and the pain they caused in your life was good for you. That’s why, even when we are hurt, the universe helps us.

2) You keep seeing patterns of numbers:

Repeatedly seeing the same type of numbers or seeing numbers in a specific pattern is also a sign that the universe is trying to tell you something. If you’re familiar with numerology, you will understand what I’m discussing.

For example, if your attention often goes to the clock when a specific time is happening. Such as 1:11 minutes, 2:22 minutes, 3:33 minutes, 4:44 minutes, or 5:55 minutes, etc. This time is a different Message from the universe for different people. If you pay attention to these angel numbers, you will also understand their meaning.

      • If you see the number 1:11, 11:10, or 11:11 frequently, use it as an opportunity to make a goal or wish. This number is considered to be a powerful manifestation number.
      • The number 222 is all about alignment. It means it’s time to work with someone and trust your decisions.
      • 333 means you have the ability to attract what you truly desire.
      • 444 is a message from your angel guides: don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.
      • 555 indicates that major changes are coming up for you and it’s a sign that you’re on the right track.
      • 666 is about being kind to yourself. It’s a sign from your angels that you should be kind and understanding to yourself.

3) Sudden thoughts come to you:

According to a medical study conducted in 2020, tracking brain scans revealed that our brains can have as many as 6,000 thoughts per day.

Have you ever experienced that sometimes a sudden thought pops into your mind, in which the answer to your question or the solution to a problem is hidden? And you were surprised to realize that it was very simple, but why didn’t I think of it before?

It is also possible that you suddenly remembered someone and called him, only to find out that the person needed you at that time and you could help him.

Or has it ever happened that you genuinely thought of someone and got a call from them right away? The universe helps us through such thoughts or someone else gets help from us.

4) You receive signs through dreams:

The universe also sends signs of guidance through dreams. Sometimes we have dreams that make us feel real. Imagine if you have ever received guidance from a person in a dream who is no longer alive.

Or if you have ever had a dream that is related to a problem in your life. And through dreams, you have also found a solution to your problem.

Actually, when we sleep, our conscious mind stops working, and the subconscious mind stays fully awake. In this way, we receive signs from the universe that are quite difficult to receive in the conscious state of mind.

Some of the most common dream signs are snakes, which represent a major transformation that is about to happen in your life, and spiders, which warn us about future events, such as deceit and criticism.

5) You get signs from various habitats of nature:

In the world of spiritual science, everything related to nature has its meaning. This is why saints and sages wear clothing that cultivates detachment within them.

Similarly, colors, flowers, stones, birds, pearls, or crystals all have some meaning.

If you observe your surroundings, you will find something that resonates with you. Something that catches your attention and captivates your mind.

For example: A hawk signifies your spiritual awakening and the indication of your rise. Additionally, a fallen feather is a sign that the universe is on your side and your divine spirits want to help you.

6) You get a deep feeling or intuition:

This deep feeling, or Intuition, is commonly known as a ‘gut feeling’.

Even though the whole world may be telling you that you are wrong, your gut feeling tells you that you are right and you want to do that work without any fear.

Consider this as your inner voice or the voice of the Universe. It comes from inside you and gives you the courage to do the work.

It not only gives you the solution to your problem, but sometimes it also gives you the direction for the future.

7) You get signs through Meditation:

When our mind and body are at ease and we can connect with the deeper energies of our inner selves or nature or the universe in the state of meditation, then the door to infinite wisdom automatically opens.

All the great sages and saints have done the same thing and found the answers to the mysteries of life. Whether it is Jesus, Buddha, Nanak, Valmiki, Mahavir swami, Ved Vyas, or even Shankaracharya, etc.

Meditation opens the door to limitless knowledge, which the universe can easily understand. And through these means, the universe sends us signs.

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