Is Knowing the Will of God Possible

Is Knowing the Will of God Possible?

We all have a  moment in our lives when we need to make a decision. Making decisions is difficult and finding God’s will in those decisions is even more difficult. You must have spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out what would be the best decision for you. Knowing the will of God is something that humans have been curious about since the beginning of civilization.

You must have prayed to God to show you how this decision would turn out. That time you may have been expecting that, may God show you the answer through a sign, a friend, or a lesson. You wouldn’t want to make such an important decision on your own.  God doesn’t come directly and say, “Do this or don’t do this.” But God does give signs.

But to understand these signals, there must be a connection between you and God. It is like having the latest mobile phone but without a sim card, a network service provider, and a friend’s mobile number, you can’t establish contact with that friend.

Similarly, to establish contact with God, purity of heart, love, forgiveness, and peace are the sim card and network service to connect with God. And the state of meditation is God’s mobile number, through which you can receive signals from God.

In the context of knowing the will of God, I am sharing a story mentioned in the ancient scriptures.

Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu was riding on Garuda and heading toward Mount Kailash. On the way, Garud Dev noticed that two wedding processions were halted at the same house gate.

Garuda couldn’t understand the situation, so he asked the Lord.

Garud Dev said, “Lord, what is strange is that two wedding processions have arrived for the same bride.”

The Lord replied, “Yes, there are two wedding processions from different places. One is for the groom selected by the father and the other by the mother.”

Hearing this, Garud Dev asked, “Finally, with whom will the wedding take place?”

The Lord replied, “The groom selected by the mother will attend the wedding.”

After listening to the words of God, Garud Dev was curious but remained silent.

He took God to Kailash and returned to the same place.

Garud Dev thought, “If I kidnap the groom who was called by the mother from here, then how will the marriage be possible?”

Then out of curiosity and to know the power of the will of God, he immediately picked up the groom and placed him on a barren island in the sea.

By doing this, Garud Dev suddenly thought that I had brought this boy here, but there was no arrangement for food and drink there.

In that case, this hungry groom will surely die on this barren island, while the entire wedding party will enjoy the feast.

This is not at all appropriate. I will feel guilty about it. I should make some arrangements for food even for him.

If I want to follow the principles of ethics, then I will have to put in some effort.

And thinking like this, he returned to the same place again.

The situation in the girl’s home was such that her mother was very upset about the groom’s disappearance.

However, the girl was still determined and stubborn.

So, she put the girl in a big, heavy basket and decorated it with fruits, flowers, and sweets, which were brought by the groom’s side to take food supplies.

The intention behind hiding the girl in the basket and sending her by her mother was that when the groom’s side would reach home and open the basket, they would find the girl and then they would search for the groom and get them married.

The mother also informed the father of the groom-to-be about this in some way.

Now see the coincidence, Garuda Dev picked up the same basket that the mother of the girl had filled with various fruits, sweets, and other delicacies to hide the girl.

Garud Dev took the basket and flew away with it.

He placed the basket on the same barren hill where he had placed the groom.

Meanwhile, Groom, who was hungry, jumped at the basket full of food in front of him.

As he began to remove the fruits and sweets from the basket for consumption, he noticed that the same girl who was to be his bride was sitting there in her wedding dress.

Garuda Dev was amazed by all this. He had understood that the will of God is powerful and cannot be changed by anyone.

Then, Garud Dev himself performed the duties of the priest.

After conducting the marriage ceremony according to the Vedic rituals, he blessed the bride and groom and escorted them back to their home.

Afterward, Garud Dev went to the Lord and narrated the entire incident.

He said, “My Lord when I tried to change the destiny of the bride-groom, you played such a godly game that you made me do it all by myself.”

Upon hearing Garud’s words, the Lord smiled gently.

Teachings from the Story:

This story teaches us that sometimes things happen in ways we can’t predict. Even when we try to change them, the Law of the Lord has its plans.  It also teaches us that we have to learn to accept that certain things are out of our control and that God may have a bigger plan at work. Knowing the will of God is next to impossible.

Then What is the correct Practice?

You have to do your duty only and you will definitely get the results. But you have to let go of the desire for specific outcomes. You have to focus on your work and work hard without being too happy or sad about the results. Students may not always achieve good grades, businessmen may face losses, or farmers may have a poor harvest, but suicide is not the right path.

This is what Lord Krishna advised Arjuna in Bhagwad Geeta. We should all do our work with complete devotion, leaving aside any need for certain results, and accept the results we get with happiness. Worrying about the outcome burdens you, but the path of karma yoga frees you.


You don’t need to worry about knowing the will of God. Just keep yourself in God’s shelter and continue doing your work with complete dedication. God will bless your path ahead.

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