What are the Scientific Reasons to Believe in God

What are the Scientific Reasons to Believe in God?


You will agree that everyone has their own different Gods as per their religious beliefs. People have chosen their Gods according to their convenience. We have seen numerous logical arguments for believing in the existence of a divine being. I’m sure you’ve also encountered people who refer to Gods as good and evil. Some of them even criticize God. Let’s talk seriously about the Scientific Reasons to Believe in God.


Moreover, the majority of people on this planet have always believed in God. Even various scientists believe in God. So, I personally accept the existence of God, but it doesn’t matter here in this blog.

Today, we will explore only the scientific reasons that prove the existence of God. There are numerous scientific reasons to believe in God.

Why Majority of Intelligent People believe in God?

It has been observed that the majority of intelligent individuals believe in the existence of God. You might have wondered who exactly is considered intelligent. The answer is quite simple, it refers to the person who thinks from the frontal cortex of their brain.

But in some cases, the back part of the brain (Amygdala), which is the emotional brain takes over the front part of the brain. It’s a major processing center for emotions.

And all the mess is caused by this Amygdala only.

      • Creates various fears:

This emotional brain creates various fears within us, such as the fear of death. It makes us neuropsychologically irrational and forces us to believe in illogical beliefs for security reasons.

      • Conformity Mentality:

It is the mindset of following the crowd that you have acquired since childhood. Your parents taught you that God exists. Your teacher taught you that God is very merciful. Friends and society have enforced it, and the government has declared public holidays in the name of God.

So, who am I to challenge them?

Many people believe in God because of this conformity mindset.

      • Rewards:

If you believe in God, you will be considered a good person in society. God’s blessings will shower upon you. And you will attain a place in this life and in heaven as well.

But my friend, to prove the truth, there is no need for fear, conformity, rewards, government, communities, rituals, or politics. It simply exists, always has, and always will.

So, let’s now shift our thinking from the amygdala to the frontal cortex and search for reasons to believe in God like an intelligent being.

You may have come across intelligent science students claiming that the universe is not created by a creator. They claim that science can explain all the events that take place in this universe.

Do you also think the same? And is it true?

So far, science has achieved great milestones. In this age of Artificial Intelligence, science is progressing at a double pace every year. We now know how the universe began. Chemistry explains how the atoms in this world behave in different environments. We can gather many details about planets that are light-years away through space science.

Scientific Reasons to Believe in God:

1) Why is our Universe expanding continuously?

For the past 30 years, the world’s most powerful space observatory, the Hubble Space Telescope, has been collecting data to help scientists precisely measure the expansion rate of the universe. Finally, Recent research by NASA revealed a fundamental flaw in our knowledge of the Universe.

Our scientists now know that the Universe is moving at 67.5 kilometers per second. But here’s the interesting thing: The Hubble Telescope not only revealed that the universe is expanding, but it is expanding in all directions.

The Black Hole Theory and the Big Bang Theory would lead scientists to believe that the universe began at a single point. But all questions start from that point.

From where did the energy come from before the Big Bang, when it was in a state of singularity?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions in science: according to the laws of thermodynamics, Energy can neither be created nor destroyed in any form.

It is also a fact that every action must have a cause. In other words, there is no effect without a cause. And that cause should be by the laws of physics.

If you look at the origin of our Universe, you will see that there has to be a reason and the universe requires an eternal first cause.

Therefore, scientists need to find an answer to this question: where did the energy in the universe come from in the state of singularity, before the Big Bang? There are Billions of Galaxies in our Universe, So, what is the power that fills our universe with energy?

This eternal first cause and continuous expansion of the Universe are the scientific reasons to Believe in God.

2) Why does Earth’s axial tilt at 23.5 degrees?

According to science, the Earth has an axial tilt of about 23.5 degrees.

This tilt causes the sun to shine at varying angles at different latitudes throughout the year. The axial tilt plays a crucial role in shaping the Earth’s history.

Scientists have proved that a different axial tilt would result in a different climate, affecting the length of the day, seasons, and climate at the North Pole and South Pole. It would have different geographies, different plant and animal evolution, different human history, different cultures, and different science.

In a scenario without any tilt, there wouldn’t be any variation in the sun’s angle during the year. There would be no seasonal variation. Earth would be uninhabitable for humans.

We would also observe the Moon differently.

Who is that designer who placed the Earth’s axial tilt on a special angle for the development of life here? Possibly, we refer to the same power as God, who has finely tuned the universe.

3) Who made a Mathematically Fine-tuned universe?

The perfectly designed cellular structure of life on Earth proves that it cannot happen by chance without a creator or designer.

Did you ever wonder about the exact distance between the sun and Earth, the exact temperature on Earth, the exact gravitational pull on Earth, or the exact balance of oxygen, CO2, and nitrogen on Earth?

All of these are necessary for life to survive on any planet in the universe. The ozone layer of the Earth is again a wonder, which protects life from the harmful radiation of the sun.

There is no other planet like Earth, with such a unique combination of elements, that has been discovered by humans so far.

So, who is the divine designer behind this finely-tuned universe?

4) Which Force sets the speed of the photons at 3,00,000 KM/Sec?

One of the many mysteries of science is that when you are driving a car, you slow down its speed due to a speed breaker ahead. Now if you want to speed your car up again, you will have to press the accelerator. Why? Because the accelerator will provide speed to your car again. You increase the supply of energy in the car through the accelerator.

Now, compare the car with the photon particles of light. These photons travel at the speed of light, which is 2.997×108 m/s in the vacuum of space. But, when they come into contact with an obstacle, like a glass prism, the speed of these photons slows down as soon as they enter the prism. Let’s assume that the prism is like a speed breaker, reducing the speed of the photons from 3,00,000 kilometers per second to 2,40,000 kilometers per second. But as soon as these photons exit the prism, their speed returns to the original rate of 3,00,000 km/second.

It is a mystery to scientists what causes the accelerator to increase its speed and what is the energy that speeds up the photons, bringing them back to their original speed.

Who is that force that has set the speed of the photons at 3,00,000 kilometers per second forever? Or what force increases the speed of these photons with its energy? These questions are the scientific reasons to Believe in God.

5) Why Everything is Perfectly arranged?

In addition, who is the mathematician or scientist who designed the special temperatures and pressures in the depths of the Earth for the upcoming technical revolution, that would lead to the discovery of oil, gas, and coal?

There is someone who knows everything ahead of time.

And the designer has carefully arranged everything on earth.

Certainly, let me clarify one thing here, reasons to believe in God do not work in the same way as we find in science or mathematics.

God is not at the end of an experiment, a mathematical equation, or some technical innovation.

He is in us, whether we believe in him explicitly or not.

God is in living a good life, an honest life, a compassionate life, a selfless life, and a moral life.

And this can be done within or outside of the boundaries of the religion as well.


See, whether you believe there’s a God or not, you’re on the same side. You believe in something you don’t know about. I believe it and you believe that. Doesn’t make any difference.

You have a right to believe what you want.


Everybody has the right to believe whatever they want.

It need not have anything to do with reality as such.

If you see the longing to know will arise within you.

Then the longing arises, and the seeking arises.

If the seeking arises, the possibility of knowing exists.

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