Why Is Changing the Law of the Lord not possible?

Why Is Changing the Law of the Lord not possible?


Mahabharata tells a mysterious story that explains the nature of destiny and the Law of the lord. It’s a story between King Jayamjaya and the saint Veda Vyasa (Author of the Bhagavad Gita: The Word of God). The dialogues between these two will make you understand, why changing destiny or knowing the will of God is not possible.

After defeating the Kauravas in the Mahabharata, Yudhishthira became the king of Bharat. He ruled for a long time, but when he decided to give up everything, he appointed Parikshit, the grandson of Arjuna, as the king.

After King Parikshit, his son Janamejaya became the king.

Challenge to the Destiny:

One day Janamejaya was sitting with Saint Veda Vyasa and during the conversation, he said to the Saint: “Some of the great personalities such as Lord Shri Krishna, Bhishma Pitamah, Guru Dronacharya, Kul Guru Kripacharya, Dharmaraj Yudhishthir and even you were present during Mahabharat war. However, they all failed to stop the Mahabharata War, which led to the death of lakhs of people. If I were alive at that time, I would have stopped the destruction.”

Even after hearing the arrogant words from Janamejay, Saint Vyasa decided to stay calm.

He said, “Son, you should not doubt the abilities of your ancestors. This destiny is determined by the law of the Lord and cannot be changed. If it were possible, then Lord Shri Krishna alone had such power that he could have stopped the war.”

Janamejay persisted in his argument and said, “I do not believe in this principle. You are a fortune teller, tell me about any future event in my life and I will change my destiny. I will prove that the Law of the lord is not certain.”

Vyasa said, “Son, if this is what you want, then listen to me. After a few years, you will ride on a black horse and go hunting in the south direction. You will reach the seashore. There, you will meet a beautiful woman. You will bring her to the palace and marry her. I am telling you not to do it, but you will do it anyway.”

Now, listen further.

Afterward, you will do the yajna ritual at the request of that girl.

Today I remind you that the yajna ritual should be done by the elder brahmins but you will do it by the younger brahmins.

Janamejaya interrupted Saint Vyasa with a smile and said, “From now on I will not ride the black horse. Then, none of these things will happen.”

Vyasa again smiled and said that all this would certainly happen and listen to what lies ahead.

“In that yajna ritual, an incident will occur where you will give the death penalty to those young Brahmins on the orders of that queen. Then you will be cursed with the sin of killing Brahmin. Then you will suffer a terrible illness and it will become the cause of your death. If you can stop this sequence of events, then stop it.”

Janamejay decided not to go on the hunt after hearing Ved Vyasa’s words.

Inescapable Destiny:

However, when the time came, he felt a strong desire to go hunting.

He thought that he would not take the black horse, but that day he found only the black horse in the stable. Then he thought that he would not go in the southern direction.

But the horse went uncontrollable and ran towards the south direction.

Finally, he reached the seashore where he saw a beautiful woman. He fell in love with her.

Janamejay thought that he would take her to the palace, but he would not marry her.

But after bringing her to the palace, he fell in love and got married to her.

Then Janamejaya did a yajna ritual at the request of the queen.

In the yajna ritual, only the young Brahmin were kept.

The young Brahmin were laughing at something, which annoyed the queen.

So, at the request of the queen, King Janamejaya sentenced them to death.

This sin made him very sick.

Surrender to the Destiny:

Now, Janamejaya became worried and immediately went to Saint Vyasa. And requested him to save his life.

Saint Vedavyasa said, “I will give you the last chance to save your life. I will make you listen to the Mahabharata, which you have to listen to with faith and belief. God is Merciful, he will take away your illness. But if at any point of time you doubt on Mahabharat Story, I will stop reciting Mahabharat. And then I will not be able to save your life either. Don’t forget that this is the last chance for you.”

Janmejay had complete faith in the words of Saint Vyasa until now, so he started listening to the story with complete devotion and belief.

When Saint Vyasa narrated the incidents of Bhim’s strength, where Bhim grabbed the elephants by their trunk and threw them into space, the elephants were still roaming in space.

At that moment, Janamejaya couldn’t control himself and asked, “How is this possible? This sounds like a myth!”

Vyasa stopped reading the Mahabharata and said, “Son, I have told you so many times not to distrust, but you could not control your nature. Because it was bound to happen.”

Then Saint Vyasa invoked the power of the mantra and those elephants started falling in the gravitational force of the earth.

Then Vyasa said, “This is the proof of my words.”

As much as Janamejaya listened to the story with faith and belief, he was freed from that rare disease in equal measure.

But one point remained in the body.

And that became the cause of his death.

Teachings from the Story:

At its core, Janamejaya reminds us that the law of the Lord is unchangeable. God has written the story of your life, and it will unfold according to your destiny. We are only responsible for our actions, but the outcome is solely in the hands of destiny.

It invites us to embrace life’s journey with peace, love, and happiness, with faith in the divine. Remember, giving thanks to God for everything is most important. God only expects us to do good deeds and let the law of the lord take care of the rest.

God hears your prayers, even of speechless.

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