How to Find Peace, Love, and Happiness in Life

How to Find Peace, Love, and Happiness in Life


When we look for peace, love, and happiness, we often get caught up in materialistic desires and worries about the future. This classic story of the rich man’s enlightenment is like a lighthouse that guides us towards a life full of joy, simplicity, and living life to the fullest.

The Rich Man’s Quest for Peace Love and Happiness

One day, a Rich man expressed his desire to determine the value of his assets.

The accountant was immediately summoned.

The Rich man ordered, “Provide me with a valuation report of my entire wealth, this task should be completed within a maximum of one week.”

Exactly one week later, the accountant arrived with the ledger and presented himself at Rich Man’s service.

The rich man asked, “How much wealth do I have?”

The accountant replied, “Sir, if I may say so, without doing anything, your wealth is enough for seven generations to enjoy with pleasure.”

Worries for Future Generations:

After the accountant left, the Rich man sank into worry, “So will my eighth generation die of hunger?”

The rich man started remaining worried day and night.

He was stressed, his hunger had disappeared, and within a few days, he became very weak. Even when his wife repeatedly asked him about the cause of his stress, he did not respond.

His wife was unable to understand his condition.

Seeking Guidance from Saint:

To have a clear mindset, his wife persuaded him to go to a spiritual gathering with a saint.

Finally, the rich man was convinced to visit the renowned saint to acquire knowledge.

One day, the Rich man wanted to know the solution to his problem by meeting the saint in solitude.

“I am not able to overcome my challenges, my eighth generation will die of hunger. I only have enough wealth for my seven generations. Please tell me a solution so that I have more wealth and the next generations do not die of hunger. Whatever you suggest, I am ready to perform rituals and follow the prescribed methods.”

The rich man prayed to the saint.

The Saint’s Wisdom:

The saint understood the problem and said, “The solution to this is very easy. Listen carefully! At the end of the village, there is an old mother who is extremely poor and lives alone. There is no one to support her and she is unable to earn anything. Just give her half a kilo of flour as a donation. And if she accepts your donation, you will earn so much merit and get what you desire.”

The rich man found a very easy solution.

Where was his patience now?

Encounter with the Old Mother:

He reached the old mother’s hut with one quintal of flour along with his servant.

“Mother! I have brought flour for you, please accept it,” Mr. Seth said.

The old mother refused clearly”I have sufficient flour, son! I don’t need it,”.

The rich man requested, “Still, keep it.”

The old mother said, “What will I do with it? I don’t even need it.”

The rich man said, “Alright, no problem, please keep half a kilo if not a quintal.”

“Son! I already have half a kilo of flour which is enough for today’s meal. I don’t need anything extra.”

The old mother refused clearly.

But the rich man had to fulfill the solution told by the saint in any case.

The rich man made another attempt and said, “So let’s keep it for tomorrow then.”

The old mother said, “Son! Why should I worry about tomorrow? God takes care of food for all living beings. Even God arranges milk for the newborn baby in her mother’s breasts. The same god will take care of me also. I always thank god for everything.”

This time too, the old mother refused to accept it.

A Profound Realization:

The rich man’s eyes were open, “A poor old mother is not worried about tomorrow’s meal, and despite having endless wealth, I am worried about the eighth generation. The reason for my worry is not lack but greed. Truly, there is no end to greed.

So, he understood that true peace, love, and happiness do not come from accumulating possessions but from being content with the present.

Teachings from the Story:

The story emphasizes that excessive greed is the source of all sin. The search for happiness isn’t about accumulating material things, it’s about being content with what you have right now.

Peace, love, and happiness, therefore, become guiding principles toward a fulfilling life. Man is not aware of the moment and worries about tomorrow.

A political leader and a fierce warrior of the United States in the 19th century Red Cloud said once:

“We don’t need wealth. We need Peace, Love, and Happiness.”

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