The Power of Silence: How It Can Transform Your Life?

The Power of Silence: How It Can Transform Your Life

In a world full of hue and cry, silence is often overlooked. In the spiritual awakening practices, Silence is often more important than words. The power of silence is immense, as you can understand from this well-known story.

Samarth Swami Ramdas was a renowned Hindu saint, philosopher, poet, writer, and spiritual master. He was the guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja. He inspired bravery and patriotism in the heart of Maharaja.

It is said that when Saint Samarth Ramdas used to pray, his lips did not move.

One day his disciples asked him, “When we pray, our lips move, why aren’t your lips moving? You become still like a Stone statue during prayers. What do you say from inside? What Does God Expect from Us?”

Saint Ramdas smiled.

The curious disciples said: Because, if you would say something from within, your lips should tremble a little. The emotion of speaking on the face comes at least. But in your case, that emotion doesn’t even come.

Saint Ramdas said, “A few years ago, I was once passing through the capital city. I saw the king standing at the gate of the palace and also saw a beggar standing there.”

His legs were trembling badly. I wonder how that beggar was standing on his feet. His clothes were torn and his body was weak and withered. Only his eyes were shining like lamps. The sign of his life seemed to have disappeared from his body. It was strange how he was standing on his feet. As if he might fall at any moment!”

The king asked him, “Tell me, what do you want?”

The beggar said, “If you don’t know about my request by standing at your door, then there is no need to say anything. What else is there to say? I am standing at your door, look at me, my presence itself is my prayer.”

Sant Ramdas said – “Since that day, I have stopped praying verbally. I stand at the door of the Supreme Being. He will understand. God hears your Prayers, even of speechless.

What should I say? If my situation cannot say anything, then what can my words say? If he cannot understand my situation, then what will he understand from my words?

So, having a positive and strong belief is the true sign of remembering the Supreme Being. Giving thanks to God for everything is important. You don’t have to ask for anything.

God is Merciful.

Having the love of God in your heart is sufficient. Only almighty God knows what is good for you and when you should get it. This is the power of silence prayer.

May God Keep You and Bless You.

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