Why should We Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

Why should we replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones?


It is a scientific fact that what we think or feel is reflected in the thoughts of others. When you have negative emotions or feelings in your mind, then the same kind of thoughts or emotions will arise in the other person’s mind as well. This happens naturally, it’s like a mirror image. That’s why we should replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones.

With this, a historical Story is often heard, which goes like this:

Once, a merchant entered the court of King Bhoj. The moment the king saw him, he immediately thought everything should be taken from this merchant.

After the merchant left, the king said to himself, I always give justice to my people. Why does this unfair thought come to my mind that the merchant’s wealth should be taken away?

He questioned his minister, and the minister replied, ” I will give you the right answer to this question in a couple of days.”

The king was convinced by the minister’s words.

The minister was a very intelligent person, so he went directly to meet the merchant.

He befriended the merchant and inquired, “Why are you so worried and sad? You engage in the lucrative trade of sandalwood.”

The merchant replied, “I transport Camel caravans filled with sandalwood to many towns, including the royal city of Bhoj, but this time the sale didn’t go through. A large sum of money is trapped in it. There seems to be no way to avoid the loss.”

The minister heard the merchant’s story and asked, “Are there any other options?”

He laughed and said, “If King Bhoj passes away, then we can sell all the sandalwood for his funeral.”

The minister had received the content to answer the king. The next day, the minister told the merchant to give him 40 kilograms of sandalwood every day to cook the king’s food and to take the cash at the same time.

The merchant was very happy to hear the minister’s order.

Now he secretly wished for the king to have a long life.

One day, the royal court was in session and the merchant was brought before the king once again.

This time, the king started thinking, how attractive this person is, should he be given a reward?

The king summoned the minister and asked, “Minister, when this merchant first came, I asked you something and you haven’t answered yet. Anyway, today when I saw him, my mood changed! I don’t know why I am feeling happy about it today and I want to reward him!”

The minister looked as if he had been waiting for this moment.

He explained, “Your Majesty! I am answering both questions today.”

When the merchant came last time, he was wishing for your death, so that he could sell sandalwood heaps. But now, he sells 40 kilograms of sandalwood every day for your meals and receives a handsome amount of money daily. So now he wishes for your long life from God. That is why earlier you wanted to punish him and now you want to reward him.

Teachings from the Story:

Friends, the people we encounter in life will be similar to our mindset.

It’s not that easy to have a clear mindset. It takes practice, practice, and understanding your mind. Stay Calm and change your mind to change your life.

The way we feel about them is reflected in their thoughts.

The feelings we have for others are reflected in their minds.

That’s how the rule of this universe works.

We reap what we sow.

That’s why this story tells us to replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones.

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