How to stay Motivated to Reach your Goals

How to stay Motivated to Reach your Goals


Every time we see, hear, or read something that inspires us, we feel amazing. We start our respective tasks with new enthusiasm and determination or we restart our old resolutions with new Vigor and Energy. Have you ever asked yourself why the new Passion, Excitement, determination, etc. only last for about a couple of days? Why can’t we hold onto them forever? So, How can we stay motivated or inspired every day to reach our goals?

Why couldn’t we maintain the same level of consistency?

Perhaps the main reason for most people’s failures is the lack of this consistency.

Last year, a research paper was published in Switzerland in the journal “Life Science Research”. The research subject was, “What is the origin of inspiration? Where does inspiration fundamentally come from?

You will be surprised to know the outcome of this research study. According to it, the source of inspiration is hidden within us. We do not need any external factor to inspire us.

The ‘glutathione protein’ is responsible for it.

It is believed that the higher the protein level, the more energetic, inspired, and motivated we become. External factors can also inspire us, but it mainly depends on this protein. And this protein becomes more active when there is pressure on the brain. However, its level also decreases under excessive pressure.

Research also says that glutathione levels naturally decrease with age.

This includes the names of meat, chicken, fish, seafood, and eggs as high protein sources for non-vegetarians.

However, vegetarians also get sufficient protein from milk, yogurt, lentils, cheese, soybeans, whole grains, broccoli, Mushrooms, onion, etc.

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The Higher our Metabolism, the Higher our Level of Motivation

In addition, researchers that by eating healthy foods and keeping our metabolism up, we can always stay motivated.

You must be aware of what metabolism is. Right?

After eating, the continuous chemical process that occurs in our body to digest food and maintain our health is called metabolism.

The higher our metabolism, the higher our level of energy, enthusiasm, courage, etc.

We all know that to properly digest food and convert it into energy, we need to drink plenty of water and do physical activities such as walking, running, playing, exercising, yoga meditation, etc.

Bottom Line:

Eating a protein-rich diet and exercising regularly will help maintain a good metabolism level. When you stay healthy, you can stay motivated, energized, and enthused to reach your goals.

It helps you get things done perfectly. With this consistency, we can make our lives successful and meaningful.

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