Perfect Examples of Cause and Effect Essay

Perfect Examples of Cause and Effect Essay


The Law of Cause and Effect is based on the principle that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Nothing happens randomly or by accident. You get what you put out there, whether it’s good stuff or bad stuff. Examples of Cause and Effect essay explain how certain events lead to specific results, or how particular events in the past have resulted in specific outcomes.

“Every thought is a cause & every condition is an effect. Change your thoughts & you change your destiny.”

Joseph Murphy in his book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


Life is like a mirror. It’s a series of causes and effects that are reflected on you based on what you think and how you act. This law gives you the power to shape your destiny according to the Law of the Lord. In other words, all creation begins in the mind.

Today, we’re going to look at an interesting example that shows how actions and consequences are connected.

One morning, a businessman leaves his home to go to his office.

In a hurry, he opens his car door to get in and his foot gets stuck under the tail of a dog sitting under the car.

The dog bites him hard In pain, thinking it was an attack.

In anger, the businessman throws 10-12 stones at the dog.

Fortunately, none of the stones hit the dog and it ran away.

The businessman arrives at the office after the necessary treatment is done.

On that day, he had scheduled a meeting with his managers.

He was in a bad mood that day because of that dog bite.

The Chain of Events Unfolds:

Unintentionally, all his anger is directed towards those poor managers.

As soon as the managers come out of the meeting, they get angry at each other the boss scolded them without any valid reason.

Throughout the day, they express their frustration with their subordinates in the office.

At the end of the day, everyone’s anger is directed towards the office attendant.

The Ripple Effect Continues:

The office attendant was very upset. He left home grumbling and muttering.

When his wife heard the doorbell ring, she opened the door and as always, asked, “You’re late again today, aren’t you?”

The office attendant exclaims loudly, saying,

“Do I go to the office to play football?

I work, don’t mess with my mind.

I am already in a bad mood.

Come on, serve the food.”

Now it was the wife’s turn to get angry.

While working in the kitchen, she starts shouting at her child without any reason.

And she slaps him three or four times in anger.

Now where does the poor child go?

Seeing such a disturbed atmosphere at home and getting beaten by his mother for no reason, he goes outside while crying.

He takes a stone and hits the dog with full force going by the road.

Now it was the turn of the dog to howl in pain.

The Mistery of the Law of Cause and Effect unfolds:

My friends, it’s the same dog as this morning.

Oh dear, this dog had bitten that businessman without any reason, so it was only fair for him to be hit by these stones in return.

It was just a twist of fate.

According to the law of the lord, it was written for the dog to be hit by the stone in the hands of this child instead of that businessman!

His karmic cycle had to be completed!!!

So, my friend, if someone harms you and you are helpless to do anything about it,

Then don’t worry.

He will definitely get hurt.

It will definitely work.

The one who harms you or hurts you is sure to get hurt.

When will it happen, and in whose hands will it happen?

Only God knows this.

But it will definitely happen.

This is the concept of cause and effect!

Conclusion of the Cause and Effect Chain

Everything that happened is like a chain reaction of the Law of Cause and Effect. It teaches us to think before we act. Allow your actions to create ripple effects of cause and effect, and accept life’s ups and downs. Now go ahead and live the life you’ve always wanted. Because you’re the master of your own destiny.

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