Untold Stories of David Ben Gurion: Founding Father of Israel

Untold Stories of David Ben Gurion: Founding Father of Israel


David Ben Gurion was Israel’s first Prime Minister and Defense Minister. He is considered the father of the nation. Gurion was a strong and courageous man, who was known for making tough decisions. He had a hard and stubborn image during his time.

“We hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel.”

– David Ben Gurion

He laid the foundation for the magnificent and powerful Israel we see today.

Mr. Gurion was Ahead of His Time.

Many incidents are closely connected to his life, and these incidents also hold valuable teachings for us.

Emphasized on action instead of prayer:

The Jewish festival of Yom Kippur is a big celebration. It is a day of prayer to the gods. All Jews pray on this day for themselves, for Israel, and their ancestors.

David was leaving early in the morning for his office on this day.

His daughter stopped him and said, “Today is a day of prayer. Every Jew in the world will pray for Israel. Won’t you do the same…?”

David gave his daughter an answer, which is now an ideal sentence for every Israeli.

David said, ” Nations are not built by prayer. They are built by making difficult decisions and implementing them at any cost.”

“If work could be done through prayers, then a religion that asks for the destruction of Israel five times a day would have succeeded in eradicating our existence.”

David went to his office by saying so. And he worked late into the night.

“A homeland cannot be bought with money or conquered with a sword. You have to create it with the sweat of a brow.” : David Ben Gurion

Tale of Building a Nation:

David was a soldier in World War II. His experiences as a soldier gave him a unique perspective on the formation of the state of Israel.

During the formation of Israel, his wife, Paula, was against it. She did not speak Hebrew and did not understand Jewish culture.

Paula was a staunch American.

Paula asked David, “America is better, why do we need the land of Israel?”

Devid Replied, “A homeland cannot be bought with money or conquered with a sword. You have to create it with your sweat.”

After living in Israel, Paola had to learn Hebrew just like the rest of the Jews.

David did not give her any special treatment.

“One does not write history, but makes it.”

–David Ben Gurion

The art of maintaining friendship:

The incident took place in the year 1961, when one day David Ben Gurion suddenly went on a 16-day diplomatic trip to Burma, which is now known as Myanmar.

David Ben Gurion

At that time, the world was not familiar with Burma, but David was exploring Buddhism in Burma with his IDF chief and ministers.

Do you know why?

Because Burma was the first country in Asia to recognize the Jewish state of Israel. David never forgot his friends.

The message was clear for a powerful and prosperous Israel: Know your strength.

“The fate of Israel depends on two things- its strength and its righteousness.” : David Ben Gurion

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