The Strange Story of a Deaf devotee of God

The strange story of a Deaf devotee of God

A very famous saint was giving his preaching. He used to discuss God and his devotees’ stories daily in his program.

“If you wish to strive for peace of soul and pleasure, then believe.”

– German poet and writer Heinrich Heine

There was a large crowd of audience, and among them, there was a deaf person who also came to listen to the preaching.

He couldn’t hear a single word, but he always sat in the front row. People in the audience had no idea that the elderly man sitting among them was deaf.

He was often seen laughing on two occasions. One, when everyone laughed while listening to the preaching, and the other when he understood something and laughed alone.

He didn’t leave the preaching program until the end. He sat there for hours.

No matter what you ask him, his response would be always the same: “God is Merciful.” Sometimes he will say, “May God Keep You and Bless You“.

He did this to hide his deafness from others.

He was highly respected among people.

One day, the truth about his deafness was revealed to everyone.

Now, the only topic of discussion among people was, “Why does a deaf person come to attain to preaching? And why does he always come first and sit here until the end?”

The saint began thinking with surprise, “If he is truly deaf, then he wouldn’t hear the preaching, and if he doesn’t hear the preaching, then he wouldn’t experience the divine essence. Without experiencing the divine essence, he shouldn’t even sit here; he should leave. But he doesn’t leave!”

The saint called that old gentleman and said loudly near his ear, “Do you hear the preaching?”

He replied, “God Hears your Prayers”.

Now the saint raised his voice a little higher and asked, “Does what I say get heard?”

He replied, “Don’t forget to give thanks to God for everything“.

Now saint had understood that he was completely deaf. He asked someone for a pen and paper and wrote a question.

Now the elderly gentleman replied, “My ears are completely damaged. I cannot hear a word.”

Now the conversation between the two started with pen and paper.

The saint asked, “If you are deaf, then why do you come every day to attain preaching?”

The elderly gentleman responded with a smile, “I can’t hear you, but I know that only the pure souls who have come to know God are called saints. When a saint speaks, people become fully absorbed in the Supreme Being. When a worldly person speaks, their words touch the mind and intellect. However, when a holy man, a saint, speaks, his words touch the soul. I may not be able to hear your divine words, but the vibrations of your words, the experience, touch my body, and I begin to feel the sensation in every part of my body. Another thing is that I also get the privilege of sitting among the holy men and women who come to hear you speak.”

By now, the saint knew that this elderly person had a deep understanding of God.

He asked, “But why do you come on time for the daily preaching and sit in the front row?”

He said, “I am the eldest in my family, and the elders set an example. When I started coming to attend the preaching program daily, even my eldest son started coming here. Initially, I used to make excuses to bring him here, but now he is also interested.

So, he brought his wife, and his wife brought the children here. The whole family started coming to attain the preaching on the story of God, and the family got spiritual guidance.”

The SAINT was very pleased to hear this and said quietly, “Today, my preaching has become meaningful.”

Bottom Line:

The discussion about God or his devotee’s story is such that if we don’t understand it, what does it mean? Even if it is not audible, just by being a part of it, we attain salvation.

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