7 Stages of Spiritual Awakening: Which Stage Are You in?

7 Stages of Spiritual Awakening: Which Stage Are You in?


Everything in this world is in a sequence, and whatever happens here also happens in an orderly manner. Just as a person does not enter old age directly from childhood or does not go from birth straight to death. Instead, they go through adolescence, and youth, and then reach old age before finally experiencing death. Similarly, a person cannot achieve enlightenment and spiritual awakening in just one day. During the process of spiritual awakening, a person must go through the following 7 stages.

Today, we will discuss these 7 stages of spiritual awakening and understand their signs.

What is spiritual awakening?

When we talk about spiritual awakening, it simply means we start becoming more conscious of our existence and life. We start to question our own established beliefs and notions. And we realize that life is much bigger and vast than our narrow thinking.

We start to ask ourselves questions like, “Why am I here?”, “What is the purpose of my life?”, “What happens after death?”, “Why do good people suffer more?”

Every person’s spiritual awakening begins with such questions and ends with their answers. Now let’s talk about what triggers your spiritual awakening journey.

What Triggers a Spiritual Awakening?

Each individual has a unique place for spirituality in their life. Similarly, everyone has their nature and pace of spiritual awakening. Although, some common triggers often occur in people’s lives, which lead them on the path of self-discovery.

Death: It is often observed that when someone close to us dies, it deeply affects those who are left behind. They lose interest in life and turn to a spiritual journey.

Major Life Change or Big Conflict: Life’s storms can shake even the strongest of people and this triggers their spiritual awakening from within.

Karma: Some people have observed that they suddenly experience a spiritual awakening in their lives. In reality, this is the karmic energy of their previous lives that triggers this transformation.

Trauma Acknowledgment: Humans can understand and deal with painful sorrows as divine decisions. However, in some cases, if they realize that the consequence is the result of their past sins, they may embark on a spiritual awakening journey.

Meeting a Soulmate or true spiritual mentor: It has also been seen that some people meet a soulmate or a true spiritual mentor through divine grace. This person can be a source of inspiration for their spiritual awakening. They can either stay in your life forever or come and go like a gust of wind.

The 7 Spiritual Awakening Stages You May Experience:

Most people take a longer time to achieve spiritual awakening. Some people believe that a longer period of transformation results in better outcomes.

However, the actual “awakening” is like a flash that triggers the spiritual awakening process in your life. Scholars have different opinions on the exact number of stages of spiritual awakening.

Some believe there are only six stages, while others believe there are eight stages.

Let’s discuss the 7 stages of spiritual awakening today.

Stage 1) Dark Night of the Soul:

You can refer to this stage as the dark night of your life or soul. During this period, you experience confusion, depression, heavy sadness, etc. You feel a sense of emptiness. It will feel like you have been disconnected from the rest of the world. You will start experiencing a kind of anxiety. You may feel like you have everything but you are missing something. There is something that you don’t have, and without it, you are not finding satisfaction.

This can happen for any reason in your life, but you can be sure that at this moment, the seeds of spirituality are planted in you.

At this moment, you start to look for yourself and take that first step towards your true self.

Stage 2) Changing Perspective:

In this stage, your perspective toward the world and life will continue to evolve.

Things that seemed true and real so far, which were important in your life, will now appear to be false. This world will start to look like an illusion. You will feel that changes are happening within you, affecting your thoughts and perceptions.

However, you will still find it difficult for you to understand where your life is heading.

Stage 3) Rising Questions:

You may have experienced a lot while reaching this stage. And it is the result of these sorrows and troubles that you start to ask yourself these questions.

Like ‘What is the purpose of my life?’, ‘why am I here?’, Why did I come into this world?’, ‘what is the right path to happiness in life?’ etc.

Friends, your mind is full of these questions, and you want answers to them.

And it is in such a situation that the fourth stage begins.

Stage 4) Finding Meanings and Answers:

In this stage, you may start getting answers to your queries through different mediums. Someone may come into your life. You may find a book or other digital source that understands you and solves your curiosity.

Even if you met that person a couple of days ago, you may feel like you have known him for years. I have personally experienced this situation, and then I met someone who calmed my curiosity and because of the path they showed me, I am here among you today.

Stage 5) Disillusion:

You have reached this stage; it means you are on the right track, and progressing on the path of Spiritual Awakening. Your old misconceptions will be replaced by new beliefs and everything will seem new to you.

You will naturally start distancing yourself from your old friends and people who have low vibrations or frequencies, or those whose frequencies do not match yours.

At the same time, you will also start working on yourself.

You strive to improve yourself. And this is where the next stage, stage 6, starts.

Stage 6) Feeling Lost Again and Surrender:

There comes a time when you get stuck in a dilemma again.

It feels like you are lost once again.

You have lost yourself in your spiritual journey.

It feels like you are getting bored even with this spiritual life.

You leave behind your old habits, old friends, etc., and you are ready to move on to your spiritual journey.

In this stage, there is always a situation where you start questioning your decisions. You don’t know what to do. You feel lost.

Stage 7) You work on your deep inner self and become an Observer:

This is the time when you rise again. You motivate yourself by using meditation and the power of silence to strengthen your mindset. You forget about the past and move forward, freeing yourself from karmic bonds.

From here, you start to have the perspective of an observer within you. You will see everything around you, but you won’t get attached to them. The external situation will not affect you. You observe everything from a distance, without feeling any pain but only experiencing happiness.

You are in a state of pure bliss where these things have no impact on you.

This bliss is called spiritual bliss.

It is difficult to describe in words.

This is the stage where you start to understand spirituality deeply and all your questions are resolved.

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