What Does God Expect from Us: A Motivational Story

What Does God Expect from Us: A Motivational Story


Exploring God’s Expectations:

We should not just keep asking for something from God, we also have a responsibility. Since God has blessed us with the most fertile mind and unlimited potential among all living beings, there must be a reason. Have you ever thought about what God expect from us?

Germany Kent, an American Hall of Famer, a bestselling and multiple award-winning author, journalist, actress said:

“Everything happens for a reason. Wait on God and trust in Him. He wants the best for us. He wants to take us from glory to glory, and from victory to victory.”

Today, we will discover what God expect from his children by exploring this inspiring story of a Buddhist monk.

The Story of the Buddhist Monk

Once, a Buddhist monk was in the forest, searching for firewood to cook his food.

Suddenly, he noticed something strange.

A fox without hind legs.

“How strange!” he thought to himself as he looked at the fox without legs.

“How is it alive in this condition?” He was surprised, “And on top of that, it seems perfectly healthy.”

He was lost in his thoughts when suddenly chaos erupted around him.

The king of the jungle, a lion, was approaching from one side.

Very agile Monk climbed up a high tree and began to watch everything from there.

The lion had hunted a deer and was carrying it in his jaws, moving towards the fox. But instead of attacking the fox, he placed some pieces of meat in front of it to eat.

The Monk could not believe his eyes. The lion was giving the fox food instead of killing it!

So, he decided to come back. The next day he climbed on a high tree and hid, waiting for the lion. The same thing happened again, as the lion placed a portion of his prey in front of the fox.

Realization and Reflection:

The monk was convinced. “This is the end of Does God Exist Debate !”

He said to himself. ” He who creates also provides food for his creation. From now on, I will live by the grace of God, like this fox, and God will provide me with food.”

What Does God Expect from Us

So, he settled under a tree in a lonely place.

On the first day, there was no one there, and on the second day, a few people were passing by, but they did not take any notice of him.

A few days passed, and he was getting weaker and weaker.

Within fifteen days, he had lost all his strength and was no longer able to walk. He was like a dead man when suddenly a saint came to him.

The monk narrated his entire story to the saint and said, “Now you tell me, how can God be so cruel, merciless? Is it not a sin to put someone in such a state? What does God expect from us?

“Absolutely,” Saint replied, “but how can you be so stupid?

Why don’t you understand that God expects you to behave like a lion, not as a fox!”

Dear friends, we often get it wrong in life. God gives us certain abilities that make us great, but we must recognize them. The Buddhist monk was lucky enough to meet a saint to help him realize his mistakes, but we must also be careful not to become a fox instead of a lion.

Teachings from the Tale:

The story is a metaphor for recognizing our true potential. God gives us special gifts, and expect not to misinterpret or overlook them.

Face challenges with courage and know your strength, it’s a journey to realize our true capabilities.

Fight the adverse situation. How do you overcome obstacles defines you.

Don’t give up.

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