How Do You Overcome Obstacles: A Motivational Story

How Do You Overcome Obstacles: A Motivational Story


Life is full of challenges. But how you overcome obstacles defines you and shapes your future. When you face a challenge in life, you need to look at it from all aspects. By examining every angle, we might discover unexpectedly simple solutions.

26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt at its best:

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

The World Map Puzzle: Approach of Father & Son

The father was doing office work at home on Sunday. He was trying to keep up with deadlines and attend to important matters. His 10-year-old child kept interrupting him with questions. His son’s constant questions distracted the father from his work.

The Father’s Solution:

In an attempt to find a solution, he thought of something that would keep the child busy for a couple of hours so that he could finish his work.

The next time the boy approached, he took out an old book and picked up one of the pages.

There was a neatly drawn world map on the page.

He tore out that page and then cut it into several small pieces.

He handed it to his son and said, “This page had a world map drawn on it. I have cut it into pieces. Now, your job is to assemble the pieces and make the world map again.”

“Go and solve it,” he said.

“When you’re done, come and show me.”

This is how the father used to overcome obstacles in his life.

The Child’s Innovative Approach:

The father assumed that the child would be occupied for hours, giving him the peace to tackle his workload.

Surprisingly, the child returned within five minutes, boasting that he had finished the puzzle of the world map.

The father checked and found that the map was perfectly pieced together.

So, he asked, “How did you put it together so fast?”

“It was quite easy, Dad,” Child said.

“The pieces that you gave me were on one side with a world map and the other side with a cartoon. I just put the cartoon pieces together, and then the map of the world came together automatically.” And, this is how the Son used to overcome obstacles in his life.

“Wow,” the father said, amazed at his child’s ingenuity.

The Lesson Learned:

This story highlights the fact that, sometimes the solution to a problem is more straightforward than initially thought. This example demonstrates the importance of changing one’s perspective and examining the problem from different angles.

Difficulties in life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential. Learn: change your Mind to change your Life.

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