How to Maintain a Healthy Husband and Wife Relationship

How to Maintain a Healthy Husband and Wife Relationship


A husband and wife relationship is a dynamic bond built on love, trust, and understanding. It’s a beautiful yet complicated thing that takes a lot of patience, understanding, and effort from both parties involved. It evolves and grows over time, offering companionship, support, and shared goals.

Small but Powerful Story on Husband and Wife Relationship:

Well said by American Author Ruth Bell Graham

“A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”

Let’s explore how a small yet powerful event revealed the importance of communication, forgiveness, and gratitude in maintaining a healthy marital bond.

In the morning, there was an argument between husband and wife.

The wife, in anger, said – “Enough, I have tolerated a lot, I can’t stay with you even for a minute now.”

The husband got even angrier and said, “I’ve also had enough of tolerating you.”

The husband leaves for the office in anger.

Then the wife calls her mother and tells her that she cannot stay in this hell anymore.

She is going to her parent’s home with the children.

The mother says, “Daughter, Stay Calm. Your elder sister has also come after an argument with her husband. I have tried to convince her a lot, but she didn’t agree. Now she is sitting at home with the children after divorcing her husband. Now you have begun the same drama.”

The upset daughter exclaimed, “I can’t stay with this man for even a moment anymore.”

Mother replied, “You are welcome here, dear daughter, but before you come here, try to make peace with your husband. He is not that bad. The bond of husband and wife relationship is truly exceptional, as the thread of love ties it together.”

When the mother showed the red flag, the daughter regained her senses and burst into tears. When she stopped crying, her heart felt lighter.

She remembered the scene of fighting with her husband and noticed her own mistakes.

So, she washed her face and started preparing her husband’s favorite dish. She also made special rice pudding. She wanted to apologize to her husband in the evening and make things right. After all, her home was still her own.

When the husband arrived home in the evening, the wife warmly welcomed him as if nothing had happened in the morning, which surprised the husband.

After having dinner, when the husband was eating rice pudding, he said, “Hey, honey, sometimes I overreact. Please, don’t take it to heart.  I’m just a human being and I get angry sometimes.”

The husband was expressing gratitude, and the wife was praying silently for her mother whose suggestion had compelled her to change her decision, otherwise her emotional decision would have ruined the husband and wife relationship.

Bottom Line:

A husband and wife relationship share a special connection, like a tapestry woven with moments, wisdom, and love. It’s a continual journey of understanding, learning, and faith, where forgiveness and communication serve as the threads that bind the couple together.

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