The Power of Patience: How It Can Help You Reach Your Goals

The Power of Patience: How It Can Help You Reach Your Goals


The study on the Power of Patience was conducted at Bing Nursery School of Stanford University among 32 children, consisting of 16 boys and 16 girls. Children ranged in age from 3 years and 6 months to 5 years and 8 months. The median age was 4 years and 6 months.

The Test of Time

A teacher gave a beautiful candy to each child in the nursery class and then said,

“Children, you are not allowed to eat your candies for fifteen minutes.”

With that, the teacher left the classroom.

For a few moments, there was silence in the class. Every child stared at the candy in front of them, struggling to resist the temptation with each passing moment.

After the fifteen minutes had passed, the teacher returned to the classroom. He conducted a review. There were seven children in the whole class whose candies remained untouched, while the rest of the children had consumed their candies and were commenting on the color and taste.

The teacher quietly noted the names of these seven children in his diary and, after making his notes, began to teach.

This teacher’s name was Professor Walter Marshall.

After several years, Professor Walter Marshall opened his diary and started researching the seven children. After much effort, he discovered that all seven of them had achieved many successes in their lives and were the most successful in their respective fields.

Professor Walter Marshall also reviewed the rest of his class, only to find that most of them were leading ordinary lives, while some were facing tough financial and social situations.

The result of all this research and investigation led Professor Walter Marshall to make a statement, which was, “A person who cannot exercise patience for ten minutes may never progress in life.”

This research gained worldwide fame, and it was named the “Marshmallow Theory” because the candies that Professor Walter Marshall gave to the children were called “marshmallows.” They were soft, just like the candy.

According to this theory, patience is considered a crucial quality among the most successful people in the world. Patience improves a person’s resilience, making them more resilient and giving them an exceptional personality.

Therefore, the power of patience is that protects a person’s behavior from negative reactions such as anger or frustration. The ability to endure long-term challenges is also an example of patience.

In reality, patience is a level of resilience before negativity.

It is also a marker of a person’s moral strength.

Our wise Tells:

Patience is the key to wealth.

Courage is the key to victory.

Knowledge is the key to liberation.

And Generosity is the key to glory.

Bottom Line:

Patience is what unites us through life’s ups and downs.

It’s what makes us strong.

Patience is the key to success, So Stay Calm and Overcome obstacles.

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