Why is Yoga Good for Your Consciousness

Why is Yoga Good for Your Consciousness?

Understanding Yoga Beyond Exercise:

Some people consider yoga as just exercise. However, there is no harm in that. Yoga plays an important role in keeping our body healthy, but it is more than that.

Yoga is not just a philosophy, but also a connection between human consciousness and universal consciousness. Along with this, yoga is such a profound mystery that even great scholars and yogis do not fully understand it, so what am I, to comprehend yoga completely?

However, based on my understanding of yoga so far.

Yoga is a complete science that aligns completely with the principles of modern quantum physics. Essentially, the entire universe is made up of tiny particles of energy called strings.

Through the practice of yoga, we connect our consciousness with the infinite energy of that universe.

Hollywood has made a lot of movies based on this idea, such as Inception, The Matrix, Doctor Strange, and many others. Their names do not even remember me now. The Upanishads inspire all of these movies. You might think that this is just a fantasy or science fiction movie, but it isn’t.

If you study the Upanishads deeply, you will discover the fascinating mystery of yoga. Several Upanishads describe it, and here I will explain some of them.

The most important description of yoga is found in the Mandukya Upanishad. It is explained there, that our consciousness has various states.

States of the Yoga a person goes through when practicing:

In the first state, our consciousness remains resting, but our brain is active, and then we experience external things. This is called the awakened state.

The second state is called the state of dreams during sleep. In this state, our consciousness interacts with the physical thoughts that we acquire from the outside. As a result, we experience dreams.

The third state is when we do not have dreams in sleep, that is, the state of deep and sound sleep. This state may seem simple to hear, but it is an extremely rare state that occurs very rarely, and whoever attains this state cannot express it in words because there are no words for it. In fact, in this state, it’s a subtle realization of the divine. In this state, we experience things that are out of this world.

The fourth state is the state of enlightenment. It is different from both the dream state and the waking state. It is also called “Spiritual Awakening“.

In this state, a person experiences the direct realization of the ultimate reality and attains the same ultimate reality everywhere. It is a state of infinite knowledge, bliss, and liberation.

Stages of the Consciousness in Yoga:

The Upanishads also describe the stages that a person goes through when practicing yoga.

If a person practicing yoga performs the yoga sadhana in the correct direction, they will first see ‘fog’, then they will see ‘broken glass’, and after that, they will attain infinite water and the moon. In the end, they will attain the level of the universe.

A Lesson on Truth and Reality

A fascinating tale unfolds about King Janak, in which you will learn why is Yoga Good for You, and how Yoga connects the conciseness and the universe.

According to the story, once King Janak was sleeping on his bed in his palace.

Suddenly, his commander-in-chief came and sought loudly: “Maharaj, please wake up. Our neighboring state has attacked our kingdom.”

King Janak woke up in a panic and said, “Prepare our army, we will fight.”

After that, King Janak wore his armor and set out for battle.

The battle was fierce, but in the end, King Janak was defeated and his kingdom, treasury, and everything else fell under the rule of the enemy.

As a result, King Janak is expelled from his Kingdom.

Now, King Janak has neither a kingdom, nor wealth, nor a family.

Furthermore, for several days, he had not even received any food.

Then he noticed there was a queue outside the temple for community-free food, so he joined it. However, he was last in line, so when he got to the food counter, the food was almost finished.

But still, the person distributing the food from the plate gave him whatever was left on it.

King Janak sat on a rock to have his meal.

As he prepared to eat, a bird flew over and attacked his food, snatching it away.

Now Janak was completely shattered.

He had no kingdom, no family, and now not even a meal.

He felt that he was doomed.

Then, once again, the gatekeeper came again and called, “Your Highness, Your Highness, the Ministers are expecting you at court.”

King Janak quickly got up from his bed.

He had seen all these events in his dream.

But after having such a terrifying dream, King Janak is now confused about what is truth.

The king was thinking over the meaning of truth.

Was he still in a dream, has his kingdom been taken away, or what he is currently witnessing is the truth, meaning he is still the king?

As a result, only two words were coming out of King Janak’s mouth, “Is it true, or is that truth?”

Besides this, Janak was not saying anything, as a result of which his queen and the royal court were all worried about what had happened to the king.

Due to this reason, his guru Ashtavakra was immediately called.

In front of him, King Janak was also saying only two words, “Is it true or is that true?”

The enlightened guru Ashtavakra immediately understood their entire situation and said to them, “Neither this is true, nor that is true.”

Afterward, Ashtavakra explains in great detail the philosophy that he reveals to King Janak, “You have been in your dreams, and now you are sitting on your throne like a king, but other people are unaware of this fact.”

He said, “Consciousness is infinite, it can see anything, it can do anything.

But whatever you saw in your dreams or whatever you’re seeing right now is not real.

Therefore, live this world with a spirit of detachment and enjoy.”

Hence, O King, that’s why Yoga is Good for You and it is a means of infinite knowledge.

Through yoga, you achieve spiritual awakening and connect yourself with the consciousness of the universe.

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