How Can We Use More of Our Brain: 5 Techniques

How Can We Use More of Our Brain: 5 Techniques


Most of us do not use our brain to its full potential. However, if we were to break through this limitation and use 100% of our brain, we would be able to achieve whatever we desire. Only a few people know the techniques that can enhance the capacity of our brains. When we use more of our brain, our awareness, memory, confidence, and happiness will naturally increase.

The first thing you need to understand is that the power of your brain is limitless, and you can achieve anything. On the other hand, if you don’t believe in this power, you won’t be able to use it. For example, when a frog in a well starts to think that there is a huge world outside the well, its chances of getting out increase.

Did you know that Alan Musk has an IQ of 155, while the genius scientist Einstein had an IQ of 160? Most of the people in the world have an average IQ between 80 and 100. Just as we exercise our bodies to maintain our health, so too do we exercise our brains to build a strong mindset. Without proper brain exercise, our brain neurons can be affected, which can lead to a decline in our memory. Similarly, we can also improve our IQ by exercising our brains.

Today we will learn some brain exercise techniques on how to use more of our brain.

Top 5 Techniques to Maximize Brain Use:

1. Expand your Imagination using all 5 Senses:

In today’s world, the biggest challenge we face is that we always directly view digital and visual things on our mobile phones and laptops, which reduces the need for our minds to visualize as much. Everything is right in front of our eyes. This means that our ability and habit to imagine and visualize is getting weaker every day. We need to overcome these challenges in life.

According to Neuroplasticity Studies, our 5 senses play a direct role in our memory and cognitive abilities. So, not only does this exercise improve all of your 5 senses, but it also increases your IQ.

All you have to do is dream during the day, as you would dream at night. But this daydreaming needs to be done consciously, engaging all your 5 senses – vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

Imagine one of your successes and try to experience it with all five of your senses. When you imagine something and visualize and experience it with all your senses, all areas of your brain become active and work together. Therefore, it is recommended to practice this exercise for 15-45 minutes daily. And research suggests that you will start seeing results within just 2 to 4 weeks. You will also improve your Idea Formation, concentration span, and Reading Ability.

The inventions that have occurred in this world were once just ideas in someone’s imagination. They spent a lot of time thinking, reflecting, imagining, and visualizing them. Therefore, when you develop a habit of using your senses to imagine and visualize, your IQ automatically starts to increase.

2. Brain Harmonics or Binaural Beats:

You may have already watched and listened to some study music, meditation music, and brain power-enhancing music videos on YouTube. These videos are also known as Brain Harmonics or Binaural Beats.

Dr. Siegfried Othmer is the Chief Scientist and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Western Association of Biofeedback and Neuroscience, California.

In one of his brain wave training experiments where Dr. Othmer instructed participants to regularly meditate while listening to music that combined different wavelengths. It was observed that those who used Brain Harmonics for meditation experienced a 23% increase in their IQ.

Our brain is divided into two parts, which function differently. Brain Harmonics or Binaural Beats are designed in such a way that when you listen to certain sounds, both parts of your brain synchronize. This leads to various changes in the brain. Your neuron connections become stronger and your IQ starts to increase.

You should listen to these sounds regularly for at least 30 minutes every day (4 days a week). You can also listen to them while meditating, working, studying, or other ideas. This will enhance your concentration, memory, and brain power.

3. Do Something New Creative Daily:

Richard J Haier, an American psychologist, was interested to see how the human brain reacts when it is engaged in a new activity that it has never experienced before.

To investigate this, he chose the activity of playing Tetris games. He gave his participants the chance to play Tetris, even though they had never played a similar game before. Participants continued to play the game for several weeks, while the psychologist studied their brains.

It was found that after playing this game for several weeks, the thickness of the participants’ “Cortical” in their brains had increased and the intake of Glucose had also increased in various areas of their brains. This means that their brains were consuming more energy and developing more Neural Connections. Ultimately, this was increasing their IQ. Additionally, the participants performed well in this game after each session.

However, the surprising thing was that with time, the growth of their “Cortical” thinness had stopped increasing. This was because their brain understood the game and learned how to play it, and now the brain didn’t have to work as hard.

Therefore, when you do something new every day, challenge your brain, and engage in different creative activities, your brain has to work harder. Like when you lift weights at the gym, your muscles get stronger. Similarly, when you do something new, your brain muscles become stronger.

4. Practice Higher Self Control:

There is a strong correlation between Self-control and intelligence. By exercising self-control, you can increase your IQ. In 2009, Yale University conducted an IQ test on some participants. In exchange for the IQ test, participants were offered reward money. They were given the choice to either collect the reward money immediately upon completion of the IQ test or to wait and collect the reward money later.

The people who waited for the reward money had higher IQ scores than the rest of the participants. The researchers concluded that people who can control their impulses and emotions are also more intelligent.

According to American author Marya Mannes:

“The sign of an Intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason.”

A higher IQ means that you have complete control over your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Even if you are pressured by the people around you, if you know something is wrong for you, you never participate in it. If you have strong self-control, it ultimately enhances your brain power.

According to research, higher self-control allows you to utilize 17% more of your brain.

5. Practice ‘The Best’ Technique:

BO Eason is one of the most successful people in this world and he is considered a multi-dimensional person. Eason started his career as a football player and when his football career came to an end, he became a successful actor. He had a dream of being a footballer and an actor since he was a kid.

One thing that was special about him and set him apart from others was that Bo Eason always used the word “The Best” with his goals.

For example, he would say, “I will become the best football player” and “I will be the best stage performer.”

The term ‘The best’ may seem simple when you hear it, but you cannot even imagine the way it can change you. You might think that just saying that word won’t change your life.

When you say, ‘I will be the best at this job’, your brain sends this message to your ‘Subconscious Mind’.

Bo Eason says, ‘When you say something like this, you not only have to say it but also feel it. You have to believe from the depths of your heart that one day you will be the best.’

One thing to note here is that when you say ‘I want to do well in the exam’ or ‘I will become a good person’, your subconscious mind will take it lightly.

So, whatever your dream is, it should be at an extreme level for your subconscious mind to accept that instruction.

When you do a task with the feeling of being “the best,” your brain’s utilization increases, and it functions more efficiently. Bo Eason became a successful footballer and actor due to his attitude of being “the best.” His success stories are all over the internet.

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