Helping Others in Need can be Harmful Sometimes

Helping Others in Need can be Harmful Sometimes


We live in a society where donation, compassion, and kindness are important. Helping needy individuals is seen as a moral and humane act. This mindset truly makes us human in the truest sense. However, while your intention to help others is admirable, sometimes it can also lead to unexpected negative consequences.

Cowards don’t remember good deeds

Today, I am going to share a small story in this context.

In the jungle, there was a lion and a lioness. One day, they went far away to hunt, leaving their cubs alone in the cave. When they did not return for a while, the cubs got hungry.

At that moment, a goat came.

She felt pity for the lion’s cubs. The goat fed milk to the lion’s cubs.

The cubs started playing and having fun.

When the lion and lioness came back and saw the goat near the cave.

Seeing the goat, the lion turned red and attacked her.

The cubs said, “She has done us a great favor by feeding us milk, otherwise we would have died.”

The lion became happy and said, “We will always remember your acts of kindness.

Go, roam freely in the jungle with freedom, and enjoy yourself.”

Now, the goat began to live in the jungle without fear, so much so that sometimes he would climb on top of a lion’s back and eat leaves from the trees.

When the eagle saw this scene, it asked the goat in surprise.

After hearing the whole incident from the goat, it realized the importance of helping others in need.

The eagle thought that now it would also try something similar.

One day, the eagle spotted a few baby mice in the mud.

The baby mice were desperately trying to get out of the mud, but they could not.

The eagle was happy, thinking that finally, God had given her the opportunity to help others in need.

The eagle caught them and safely brought them to a safe place. The babies were wet and shivering from the cold, so she covered them with her wings to keep them warm.

After a while, when the eagle tried to fly away, it was surprised to find that it couldn’t.

The baby mice had cut off their feathers from the inside.

The wounded heart eagle asked the goat, “You also did a favor and I also did, so why are the results so different?”

The goat responded with a smile and a serious expression, “Help others in need but do them for the lions, not the mice. Cowards don’t remember good deeds, but the brave never forget good deeds! If you can’t recognize a worthy recipient, it’s better not to do charity or good deeds at all.”

Teachings from the Story:

Elderly people have said, “Always make sure that the one you are giving love, trust, assistance, support, or promotion is worthy of it or not.”

If you are supporting or helping someone who is not worthy of it, you will not only be deceived in the future but you will become a part of all the sinful things that that person does.

It’s important to set boundaries, understand the effects, and explore alternatives, so we can avoid the damage that sometimes results from our best intentions.

Therefore, next time when the urge to help others in need arises within you, recall the story of the lion and the mouse.

This is a very deep thought if you get it, then fine, otherwise time is very strong, and it will teach you on its own.

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