Why Are Small Random Acts of Kindness Important?

Why Are Small Random Acts of Kindness Important?


Small random acts of kindness often have a greater impact than we realize, shaping fates and changing lives. It’s a tale that truly captures the essence of doing good without expecting anything in return.

The Story of Small Random Acts of Kindness

A woman cooked daily meals for her family, and she used to make tortillas (flatbread) for anyone in need passing by. She would place these tortillas on a plate by the window, where anyone could take them.

Mysterious words of a Beggar:

A beggar with a physical disability came every day and took the tortilla, but instead of offering thanks, he would say, “What you do wrong will stay with you, and what you do right will come back to you.”

Days went by, and this routine continued.

The woman became frustrated with the beggar’s constant words.

She thought to herself, “What a strange man!

He doesn’t even say a simple thank you and mutters these cryptic words.

What does he mean?”

Boundaries of Morality

One day, driven by anger, she made a decision.

She decided to put poison in the tortillas she prepared for the beggar.

As she placed the tortillas near the window, she tried to put it on the ledge, but her hands began to shake, and she stopped. She said, “Oh God, what was I about to do?” and immediately threw the tortillas into the fire.

She quickly made fresh tortillas and placed them by the window.

The beggar came as usual and said, “What you do wrong will stay with you, and what you do right will come back to you.” He mumbled the same words and left.

Completely unaware of what was happening in the woman’s mind, he continued visiting daily.

Every day, when the woman placed the tortillas by the window, she prayed for her son’s safety, good health, and his return, who had gone far away to build a better future for himself. There had been no news of him for months.

The Unexpected Twist

One evening, as she was placing the tortillas by the window, there was a knock at the door. She opened it and was left in shock. Standing before her was her son.

He had become thin and frail. His clothes were torn, and he looked famished.

He said, “Mother, it’s a miracle that I am here.

Today, I was so hungry that I fell to the ground when I was just a mile away from home.

I was about to die. But then, a beggar was passing by.

He saw me, picked me up, and without hesitation, gave me his tortilla.

He said, ‘I eat this daily, but today, you need it more than I do.

Take it and satisfy your hunger.'”

As soon as the mother saw her son, her face turned pale, and she leaned on the door for support.

The Deep Realisation

In her mind, she realized how she had put poison in the tortilla that morning.

If she hadn’t thrown it into the fire, her son would have eaten it, and the outcome would have been tragic.

After this incident, she understood the true meaning of the beggar’s words,

“What you do wrong will stay with you, and what you do right will come back to you.”

Teachings from the Story:

Always strive to do good, even when there may be no immediate recognition or praise. The impact of our actions can be far-reaching.  Small Acts of Kindness can change the world and touch lives in ways we may never fully comprehend.

So, What aspect of this story resonates with you the most?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are small random acts of kindness crucial in society?

Small acts of kindness, while seemingly insignificant, hold immense value in fostering compassion and building stronger communities. They create a ripple effect, inspiring others to spread positivity and contribute to a more empathetic society.

What role do small acts of kindness play in shaping individual character?

These acts serve as building blocks for character development, nurturing empathy, humility, and altruism. Engaging in kindness helps individuals develop a greater sense of connection and purpose.

Can small acts of kindness create a domino effect in communities?

Absolutely! Small acts often spark a chain reaction. When someone experiences kindness, they’re more likely to pay it forward, creating a positive cycle of goodwill that can impact numerous lives.

What can individuals do to incorporate more kindness into their daily lives?

Incorporating kindness into daily routines can be as simple as smiling at strangers, offering a helping hand, or actively listening to someone in need. Being mindful of opportunities to help others can make a significant difference in both your life and theirs.

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