Is Mother the Only Source of Energy?

Is Mother the Only Source of Energy?


In 1960, scientists discovered that Mitochondria are responsible for one of your body’s most important functions: cellular respiration. Mitochondria consume glucose and oxygen to create energy, which they store and transport as energy-rich ATP molecules. That’s why Mitochondria are called the energy source of your cells.

Understanding Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)

In 1933 scientists invented electron microscopy and found that most DNA is located in the cell nucleus, called nuclear DNA. Mitochondria also have a small amount of their DNA, known as Mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA.

Why Do We Inherit Mitochondrial DNA Only from Our Mothers?

Mitochondrial DNA makes up less than 1% of our entire DNA. Mitochondrial DNA contains only 37 of our body’s 20,000-25,000 protein-coding genes.

Mitochondrial DNA is very different from the DNA in our nucleus. Unlike nuclear DNA which is inherited by both parents, mitochondria are typically inherited only by our mothers. Eggs and sperm cells both contain mitochondria containing mitochondrial DNA. However, mitochondria from sperm are nearly always destroyed after fertilization.

The Maternal Magic of Mitochondrial DNA:

It was later discovered that Mitochondrial DNA changes very little across generations. DNA is transferred from generation to generation through the maternal line, specifically from the mitochondrial DNA of the mother.

So, scientists can use it to trace maternal lineage through hundreds of thousands of years.

Some researchers have used modern populations’ mitochondrial DNA to better understand how early humans migrated after leaving Africa.

Hence, it is scientifically proved that the mother is the Only Source of Energy.

For centuries, Hindus have believed that if there’s an energy source, it’s the mother.

The fundamental force of the universe is feminine energy, without which we cannot think about the life and existence of this entire universe.

9 Days of Navratri is the festival to celebrate Adi Shakti which is the root of the formation of an energy source that helps the universe sustain itself.

That is why they worship the mother Goddess Durga during the 9 Days of Navratra and connect With Feminine Energy. Hail!

The Story of King Ritudhwaj and Madalsa:

The wisdom of ancient tales is passed down through the generations, and in many cases, modern science has proven it to be true.

The story of Ritudhwaj, the King, and Madalsa offers an interesting story to think about the impact of motherly energy on children.

When King Ritudhwaj had their first son, he named him Vikrant, which means valiant, powerful, brave, and lion-hearted. Queen Madalsa laughed a lot during his naming ceremony. The king found her laughter very inappropriate, but Madalsa couldn’t stop herself.

She said, “A name is just an identification mark. It doesn’t mean anything about the child’s personality or future.”

When the second son was born, Ritudhwaj named him Subahu! Subahu means beautiful and strong-armed. Madalasa laughed again.

When the third son was born. The king named him Arimardan! This means the one who destroys enemies, who breaks their pride.

Madalasa laughed.

The king felt uncomfortable with her laughter, but he did not oppose his beloved wife.

While raising her children, Madalasa whispered in their ears, “Oh child, you are pure, enlightened, immaculate, and free from the bonds of birth and death.”

The boys gradually started growing up.

None of the boys had any qualities matching their names.

All three became extremely knowledgeable but became saints. They lived with a sense of detachment. No one had any valor, physical strength, or desire for war.

When the time came, all three left their homes and went on a journey of meditation, leaving everything behind.

The father’s desire to determine the future of his children was defeated.

The children became what the mother wanted.

This is how it happens.

If the mother wishes, she can determine the future of her children.

The influence of the mother turns Rishi Vishrava’s son into a demon like Ravana, and the demon Hiranyakashyap’s son into a saint like Prahlad.

A few months later, the king had a fourth son.

This time, he gave his wife the task of naming him.

Madalasa smiled and said, “Alark.”What does that mean? Nothing.

King was saddened by the separation of his three sons.

He did not object to the unusual name of his fourth son, but he certainly requested his wife to ensure that this son became worthy of ruling.

The knowledge of Madalsa, their wisdom, emerges here.

She taught her fourth son education in Dharma, Politics, and life values. When you know your strengths, you feel more empowered and capable, and you naturally work harder to reach your long-term goals. The fourth son became a successful warrior, a great ruler, and a generous person. The same mother who taught her three sons to have Brahmin qualities taught her fourth son to be a Kshatriya.


Every mother who follows Hindu traditions is like a goddess. She can make her child whatever she wants.

Hinduism has known for centuries that if there is a source of energy, it is the mother. That’s why they worship the eternal mother, for nine days in the form of Nav Durga.

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